This is a great spot to upload any video from YouTube, Tube8, SportTube, or any other popular Tube sites. This is our catch-all spot for a video that doesn't fit in other categories. While we have spots for sexy videos or a music video, you might not be sure where a Flip Side of Dating video should go; is it a funny movie or does it go under How-To Video? No worries just pop it here on the Tube Video section.

But before posting make sure that you are following the rules because we will remove Shameless Promotion, SPAM, Inappropriate Posts, and Nudity (which we will save elsewhere). Since most of us are rather lazy we would prefer you don't waste time posting things we will just have to take down (be a good Bro).

We also like suggestions for good Tube's to watch. People who are creative enough to make channels or tubes of funny video clips and sexy videos earn high praise from the guys here on Manwall; we love that sort of stuff!

Don't have anything to post? Not to worry. Just relax and enjoy the numerous posts from your Bro's to the Video section. If you see something you like feel free to share it, rate it, tweet it, like it, or just watch it over and over again. Many of us on the Wall are known for looping sexy videos or funny video clips from the video section. It does help pass the time at work some days!

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