Oh sexy videos, how we adore you. This is by far the most popular video section on Manwall. Who doesn't love a good video of Kate Upton dancing the Dougie? The Sexy Videos section is simply a place to post a video of hot girls doing just about anything. As long as the video is sexy then we and everyone else here wants to see it.

Sexy videos of wives, girlfriends, or just girls walking the dog in your neighborhood are great as well. Really anything with hot girls in it will probably be considered sexy, unless they are doing some sort of Two-girls-one-cup theme. Slow motion video of our favorite hot girls posing, picture slide shows of models, and more all go in this video section.

The rules for posting sexy videos on the Manwall are pretty simple; we will remove Shameless Promotion, SPAM, Inappropriate Posts, and Nudity (which we will save elsewhere). Other than that feel free to post away!

Don't have anything to post? Well go find something! Just kidding....relax and enjoy the numerous posts from your Bro's to the Video section. If you see something you like feel free to share it, rate it, tweet it, like it, or just watch it over and over again.

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