The first rule of Manwall Fight Video - there are no rules. It can be MMA, Boxing, backyard wrestling, bum fights, or even two sexy girls wrestling around mostly naked. If it involves fighting and is a video then here is where you should post it!

Just kidding about having no rules because we actually do have a few; we will remove Shameless Promotion, SPAM, Inappropriate Posts, and Nudity (which we will save elsewhere). But a fight video of Mike Tyson knocking someone the hell out is highly encouraged.

Got a home video of a nice brawl at a hockey game? Post that fight video! Walking through the mall and you see two girls wailing away at each other? Record and upload my good man! Hell sometimes we just want to see some classic clips from Fight Club.
Don't have anything to post? Well go find something! Just kidding....relax and enjoy the numerous posts from your Bro's to the Video section. If you see something you like feel free to share it, rate it, tweet it, like it, or just watch it over and over again.

Anyone know where that fight video featuring Jon Jones knocking out Ryan Verrett is?

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