The Weapons section here at Manwall is a great place to share all sorts of stuff. Did someone buy you a new Bow for Christmas? Let' see it here in The Pit! Maybe you have some great tips for deer hunting. This is a great space to share and talk about it. The Weapons section is for all things dealing with weapons such as guns, ammo, swords, knives, or even ninja throwing stars. This spot is where Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal like to check in when they visit The Pit at Manwall.

On this spot of the Manwall feel free to post text, photos, links to cool stuff, or even videos. The Pit is a great spot for manly things that men want to see.

The rules for posting here on the Manwall are pretty simple; we will remove Shameless Promotion, SPAM, Inappropriate Posts, and Nudity (which we will save elsewhere). Other than that feel free to post away! We only ask that if you do post, please try to put it in the appropriate category so your Bro's can easily find what they want to watch and see in The Pit.

Things we like include new and classic guns of all types. We like things with history and a story behind them. Personally we also enjoy all sorts of Japanese toys and medieval objects of destruction. Sorry ladies, its' just a guy thing. That is why we have the Weapons section in The Pit; because Manwall is a guy's site.

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