Fantasy Sports are the biggest thing on the internet for guys since we found free porn. So of course here at Manwall we have a spot in Sports Junkie for all things fantasy! Do you have questions about trades or draft order? Maybe you aren't sure who to start in a certain situation. You should post those questions here and get feedback from those of us who dominate our leagues each year.

In Sports Junkie we are all about the funny posts, pictures, movies, and open discussions about all things sports. Do you have a video of a Bro melting down as his team loses on a last second Field Goal? Post that one right away! Want to share your awesome draft results and show everyone how you snagged some of the best players? Sweet let's see it! Maybe you just want to talk about the long term prospects of keeping Ray Rice verses MJD for your team next year. We can talk about that all day!

�The rules for posting here on the Manwall are pretty simple; we will remove Shameless Promotion, SPAM, Inappropriate Posts, and Nudity (which we will save elsewhere). Other than that feel free to post away! We support and love our fantasy sports here at Manwall. Technically by having a spot here to have manversations about it, we can act like we are working while really just talking about something we love!

It's cool if you don't have anything to post. Just enjoy what everyone else is sharing. You can share it yourself or rate it, tweet it, or like it to spread the information around the internet. Why? Because Bro's share with Bro's.

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