1. Introduction
ManWall respects your privacy. To this end, we have written this Privacy Policy, which is designed to inform you of how we will use and protect the information that you disclose to us. The Privacy Policy should be considered an integral part of our Terms of Service, located at
2. Your Personal Information
As a part of signing up to, you must provide ManWall with a username, password, your age, and e-mail address. We may also ask you for other information, such as your name, photo, address, and telephone number. This, and other information about you, is collectively known as “personal information” for the purpose of this Privacy Policy. We will only share personal information with third parties pursuant to this Privacy Policy, or if we specifically inform you in the future and you agree to share it as a condition of “opting in” to an offer.
3. Security of Your Information
Your first line of defense in protecting your information is you. Never, under any circumstances, disclose your password to anyone else. If your account, or the e-mail account associated with ManWall’s website, becomes compromised, you should immediately change the passwords and secret questions (if applicable) to both accounts, or else the person who compromised the account could regain access. If your account has been compromised and you cannot restore control to yourself, please immediately contact with full details.
4. Cookies
We post advertisements on our pages to earn revenue. We’re also a part of’s Amazon Associates program, which permits us to earn revenue from referring people to’s website. Both of these methods of earning revenue require the use of cookies which may share certain information about you with third parties, such as your IP address and the website address that you generated the cookie at. Internally, ManWall uses cookies on its own website to keep you logged in and provide you with many of our website services. It would be difficult to distinguish you from any other user and protect your account privacy if we did not. Cookies, both for advertisements and for our internal website operations, are mandatory in order to use ManWall’s website.
5. APIs
ManWall may also offer you the ability to use APIs to interface with third party websites such as other social networks, news websites, and so on. For example, we may let you link your ManWall and user experiences so that you can share content from one website account with another. ManWall has no control over the actions of these third party websites. You agree to hold harmless and indemnify ManWall for any damages arising from your use of these third party websites.
6. Data Storage
We endeavor to keep your information private and secure, and, other than under the circumstances described in this Privacy Policy, we will only share it to the extent that is necessary to maintain our operations. More specifically, but by no means limited to this, we use a third party to provide us with server space for ManWall, where our website and its users’ personal information are stored. We may also need to bring in outside consultants to help us expand our website, maintain it, or secure it from time to time, and they may have access to your personal information. We will try to ensure that only reputable third parties are involved in this process, as we have as much to lose as you by giving access to our system to the wrong person, but we will not take responsibility for damages caused by third parties.
7. Safety Issues
Notwithstanding any other part of this Privacy Policy, we may choose to disclose your personal information if we believe it is reasonable to do so in order to protect persons or property, assist law enforcement in a bona fide investigation into allegations of illegal activity, or protect the rights of third parties, such as people who may be victims of copyright or trademark infringement.
8. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
As our website only allows users who are eighteen or over to sign up, and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act regulates websites with users under thirteen years of age, we don’t really have any terms specific to children. However, if you become aware of a person who is under thirteen years of age who uses our website, please immediately contact to let us know. Include as much information as possible so that we can verify it really is a minor and you’re not just trying to get someone’s account suspended.
9. California Online Privacy Protection Act
ManWall understands that it may have users who are resident in California. We don’t disclose your personal information unless it is for a purpose described in this Privacy Policy or you have specifically opted in to do so. If you have any questions about how we collect, use, or disclose your information, please contact
10. Changes to Privacy Policy
We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time. Therefore, we encourage you to visit our “Privacy Policy” page frequently to ensure that you are aware of the current version in effect. We may also e-mail you to notify of changes, though we are not required to do so. The fact that you were not notified by e-mail of a change in the Privacy Policy will not affect the validity of that change.