Is your wife hot? Does the Postman always hand deliver the mail to your house? Do your Bro's constantly tell you, "Dude, your wife is so hot you lucky bastard!" If so then you really need to share a picture or two with us. We give props to lucky bastards like Tom Brady who can post a picture of Gisele whenever they like.

We at Manwall have a fine appreciation for married women. We look but don't touch. Hot wives are a special category of the hot girls set because they have made the choice to commit to one of our Bro's and that lucky son of a gun gets to spend each night with her.

So why not share some sexy photos of your hot wives with us and make a few of your Bro's envious of your luck and ability to woo hot girls? If you don't have any sexy photos handy this is a good opportunity for a little photo session in the bedroom. Simply say, "Well this site Manwall has a section for hot girls and they are asking for submissions to the Hot Wives section. Since you are easily the hottest wife ever, I would love to post a picture of you."

What woman wouldn't love to be an object of desire and appreciation for the men of Manwall? As an added bonus your Bro's here on the wall can then give you the nod of accomplishment for your ability to woo hot girls.

Even if you are riding solo feel free to browse the pictures of hot girlfriends and enjoy all that the Manwall community has to offer!

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