Is your girlfriend hot? Not just in that, "No sweetie you are beautiful," but she is one of those hot girls that cause guys to turn their heads and watch as she saunters by? Do random bro's give you the nod or an occasional fist bump because they acknowledge your accomplishment of having one of those hot girlfriends?

Well then we here at Manwall politely beg you to share a picture with us. It gets back to that old adage of 'if you got it, flaunt it.' So why not flaunt sexy photos of hot girlfriends here on the wall?

Most women like the ego boost of compliments from men. At least on the Hot Girlfriends section of Manwall it is a little more anonymous and safe. Maybe you might ask her if she would allow you to take a sexy photo and post it. Simply say, "Well this site Manwall has a section for hot girls and they are asking for submissions to the Hot Girlfriends section. Since you are easily the hottest girlfriend ever, I would love to post a picture of you."

What woman wouldn't love to be an object of desire and appreciation for the men of Manwall? As an added bonus your Bro's here on the wall can then give you the nod of accomplishment for your ability to woo hot girls.

Even if you are riding solo feel free to browse the pictures of hot girlfriends and enjoy all that the Manwall community has to offer!

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