This is the spot to post those hot photos of hot girls that we see while we are out and about. Almost everyone has a smart phone these days so if you see a woman that is deserving, feel free to take a picture and add her to the Hot Girl Spotter Section.

At Manwall we have a full appreciation for the complete spectrum of hot girls in the world. We try not to limit ourselves to only models and celebrities when we consider hot images. No, we love a sexy photo of a girl next door as much as all of the hot girls in the swimsuit issue.

On the beach and you run across gaggles of hot girls? Snap a picture and upload it to the Hot Girl Spotter! Other great locations our Bro's have sent hot images from include the bar, the club, sporting events, or even that girl who likes to mow the lawn wearing her Daisy Dukes.

Honestly we don't care much about what she is doing. The only real requirements are that 1) she is hot and 2) she is female. We don't like to muck up the process with too many rules around here.

Make sure to follow the Manwall rules of no SPAM, nudity, or inappropriate posts please; other than that fire away with hot photos of hot girls. Even if you have nothing to contribute feel free to browse the pictures in the Hot Girl Spotter section and enjoy all that the Manwall community has to offer!

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