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Where are the Single Women?


Tired of competing with three other dudes for each decent looking single woman at a bar or club? Yeah, that gets old really fast. It's like if you don't swoop in as she crosses the threshold and mark your territory by peeing around the table then there is little chance to avoid a fat sausage-fest competition for the few and far between worthwhile ladies you find.

This is why bars and clubs can be such a dead spot for finding a girl. Not to say you won't find a girl there to take home and ravage, but more than likely she will be the one-night stand type and not the dating type. Of course you could go online, but that scene gets old as well.

So where the hell can you go to just meet women?

Why not try.....

·       Co-Ed Sports - First off you are playing sports which is awesome in its' own right. Second, any women playing apparently share your enjoyment of said sport. Third, sports bond people together which makes starting a conversation easy.

·       Standing in Line - The bank, the DMV, or any long line will do. Misery loves company as well as a guy who can tell a good joke. Lighten up the mood for the entire group, flirt a little, and hopefully walk away with a phone number as well less boredom.

·       Home Improvement Stores - Some women are very handy, others need some help. If you happen to be shopping and see a damsel that needs some help you can always politely offer assistance and your expertise. Maybe she will even invite you over to help her out.

·       Classes - Learning new skills is fun. Meeting women at the same time...priceless. Cooking classes are always a good bet because then the women can help you out (worst case scenario you learn how to impress future dates with your culinary skills). Yoga and dance classes are also usually full of women.

·       Charity Functions - Support a cause and find a date! There are tons of fundraisers for wonderful things that allow you to dress up, eat good food, and act like you care about something other than finding a nice girl.

·       The Dog Park - First this only works if you have a dog. But pet owners like other pet owners unless your dog kills their dog. But you have a lot in common and can talk while your dogs play.

·       Church - Okay you really shouldn't join a church just to meet women. But...some churches have tons of functions and are a great place to meet people in general. Usually they share similar beliefs if you are actually devout so there is some commonality.

But no matter where you are you can meet women. However don't be that annoying guy who relentlessly hits on women. Usually you can tell which women are looking for someone versus those who aren't. Women who are looking for dates tend to actually look around a lot more and check for things like wedding rings. Those who aren't are more focused in what they are doing at said location (relaxing, playing, shopping, etc). So make sure you don't waste your time with the ones who aren't looking themselves.