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What to do on a Sunday?

I bet who ever invented the weekend is turning in his or her grave because they only made it two days long. Well technically three if you count Friday nights but that’s beside the point. Two days is not a lot of time to have fun and make the best out of an entire weekend. Although people have shit ton of fun during the two “free days” they’re off from work, many people don’t live their weekend to the fullest. Among those many people are guys like you and me.

Guys have a reputation for partying hard (myself included) on Friday and Saturday nights, which is 100% understandable. If you’re at the office all week it’s only natural to go out and get rowdy on a Friday night after work. It’s also okay to wake up really hangover on Saturday because there’s no suit to put on and definitely no work to be done. After recovering from the night before, it’s time to repeat what you did the night before and start raging again on Saturday night.

But what happened after a Saturday night of partying in the summer? Football isn’t on yet so like most people you would take it easy on Sunday’s. Hence why this day has acquired names like; the “catch up” day and the family day. But those are boring especially during the summer so I’ve come up with the perfection solution to making your Sunday’s better…

Sunday Funday. It’s time to start having the most fun on the last day of every weekend by getting twice as drunk during the day! Summer is coming to an end so it’s time to make the best out of those blah Sunday’s and turn them into the best day of the weekend. Before I tell you how to properly party on a Sunday (they’re really obvious) and other things you need to know about this overlooked day - it’s only right that I start off with a brief overlook of what “Sunday Funday” really means.

Definition: When groups of party people get together and get very intoxicated on a Sunday.

Scientific Name: Bedweterius Badbreathios

Latin Meaning: “Drunk Day”

Origin: No one knows who made up Sunday Funday but he/she definitely loved to get drunk and didn’t want the weekend to end.

Date & Time: Sunday’s during summer months, starting on Memorial Day and ending on Labor Day.

Location: Anywhere outside. Preferably where others are also getting drunk and partying.

References: Billy and his friends from Billy Madison.


What’s the goal?

The goal is to combine the drinking you did from both Friday and Saturday night and execute it on Sunday. When you wake up on Sunday morning (or afternoon) start drinking immediately. The faster you drink the faster you will get drunk again and the faster you will start having fun.

What to drink?

I suggest drinking a Bloody Mary or a Manmosa to get the day started. If you’ve never had or heard of it, a Manmosa is a glass filled with a light beer of your choice and topped off with orange juice. Try this man version of the Mimosa; I bet you will be pleasantly surprised! After one or five of those you should be good to drink your preference of alcohol.

Who to party with?

Get some friends, family or some random people together. If your friends don’t want to take part in the party, it’s their loss. As long as you have one drinking partner your good to go.

Where to go?

Sunday Funday’s happen all over the U.S. and I highly recommend anywhere outside with live music or DJ. That can mean anything from a bar that has drink specials, a concert or music festival or throwing a beach party. Do this in the rain or shine and you will be doing it right! You can also have a party at your house or just pound some back with your drinking partner. Sunday Funday is wherever you want it to be as long as you’re drinking outside and having fun.

What to do besides drink?

Have fun, dance your ass off, attempt to play games, hit on hot moms, go swimming in a pool, lake, bay, river or ocean, but please don’t die or hurt yourself. You could also request a lot of songs, bar hop, try to have a three some, crowd surf, try not to get arrested, judge a bikini contest, pee your pants, smile a lot, etc. Basically not to give a sh*t about anything. This is how to end your weekend the right way!