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What are the Top 10 Sexy Videos of Girls ever Filmed as rated by Manwall for the Bro Guide

Gentlemen, the wait is finally over because we have compiled the ultimate Top 10 Sexy Videos of Girls ever filmed and placed on the internet. This isn't some weak collection either...our staff here at the wall spent days going over all that the internet had to offer. After a case of Visine and a few tubes of hand-lotion we have found some of the best videos, featuring the sexiest women dancing and gyrating for your viewing pleasure.

While these videos don't feature full nudity or porn...because we have a whole other list for that...they are certainly hot enough to turn your crank and remind you why we love women so much.


Manwall's Top 10 Sexy Videos of Girls

1. Sexy Blonde Stripping - Oddly enough this sexy video is titled "2 Hot Sexy Blondes Stripping" because apparently the person who uploaded it has never seen a mirror. Regardless...oh my god!


2. Who loves a thong? - Okay who doesn't especially when it is on a sexy body like this?

3. The Pornstar Compilation - No idea who thought of showing a bunch of hot porn stars shaking their assets in a video, but that man deserves a medal!

4. Hottest Girl on YouTube - Well...she is pretty damn hot and the choice of song is excellent. Make sure you stay for the whole tease show.

5. The Best Ass on YouTube - There are sexy videos of girls that fail and those that succeed...this is just an amazing success. The best ass? You be the judge!

6. Three insanely hot girls - Too bad they don't all dance together, however they are pretty damn hot.

7. My Naughty Schoolgirl - Schoolgirl outfit...check...stripper pole in the living room...check...4 inch heels....check...really bad music...check.

8. Weird hot striptease - I have no idea if this is supposed to be funny but the girl is hot as hell.

9. I love Gisele - Not Tom Brady's wife...although I like her too. No, this is some blonde internet hottie as you will see.

10. More Gisele - Because more is always better; she just needs a stripper pole and she would be in business!


There you have it...our Top 10 list of Sexy Videos of Girls!