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What are the Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Bodies of all time as rated by Manwall for the Bro Guide

You wanted the Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Bodies of all time and of course you know Manwall always gives you what you want! So here it is; our carefully constructed list of some of the most spankable girls on the planet, painstakingly voted on by the entire staff here at the Wall.

Before we dive into the list we need to help you understand our criteria when we consider the word "celebrity". Obviously if you include models then suddenly the pool is very larger indeed of lovely ladies. So for this concept of celebrity we are focusing on Hollywood stars. By stars we mean people that actually entertain and not those such as the Kardashians that do...whatever it is that they do that people seem to care about.

Also this is a list of "all time" hottest celebrity bodies. Ideally we picked a few pictures of some of the most incredible looking celebrities and compared them to achieve this amazing list.

Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Bodies

1.     Pamela Anderson - While this list isn't in any particular order, Todd from accounting said Pamela gets top billing. As every single guy in the room was guilty of wrestling the one-eyed snake with her at some point, how could we disagree? She had a great body that was obviously accentuated by those incredible sweater puppies.

2.     Demi Moore - For anyone who thinks she does not belong on this list simply watch Striptease or Charlie's Angles Full Throttle...enuff said. I don't care if she is a MILF, Demi was rocking one shapely, rock hard body that makes every guy rock hard.

3.     Halle Berry - Hard to go wrong with Halle, the woman still looks amazing in her 40's after kids. She had that great combination of shape and how she carried herself that screamed sultry sex.

4.     Jessica Alba - She made waves with Dark Angle and then blew the doors off as a stripper in Sin City. Some guys in the room feel she looks better after kids. Either way she makes the list.

5.     Megan Fox - The girl is just a wet dream for guys. You are doing yourself an incredible disservice if you have never seen her in that skimpy little Supergirl costume.

6.     Jessica Biel - Jessica Biel has always had a good body but when she got ripped up for Blade Trinity she went from good to great. Since then she has been rocking without stopping. You are a lucky man Mr. Timberlake.

7.     Eva Mendes - From the front or from the back, Eva has it going on. With long legs, great hips and everything working she brings some curvaceous heat to any room.

8.     Charlize Theron - Long legs, toned body, and just a great figure gets this actress on the list. The woman can rock so many looks and we would gladly take any of them to bed.

9.     Carmen Electra - Not much acting talent, but just enough to be called a celebrity. For those who like their Baywatch star as a brunette you have to go with Carmen and those fantastic curves.

10.  Stacy Keibler - Some guys say she has the perfect body. Many of us at the Wall have no idea why George Clooney let her walk away, especially with those legs that go for days. Her pinnacle years are still just as she transitioned out of the WWE and into the mainstream with her rock hard body.

We reviewed em, we argued, discussed measurements, spankability and even who would ride a mechanical bull best to achieve this list. What do you think? Are these the Top 10 hottest celebrity bodies of all time?