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Top Web Sites for Guys

We are men; Google searching and surfing around for the coolest stuff on the net gets annoying after awhile. Honestly we prefer a nice list of places to go. So I called a quick man-meeting this morning and had everyone write down the top 3 places they visit on the web while at home. Then using those basic math skills I have (thank you New York City public schools) I was able to add them up and provide a nice list of places to check out.

The list of Top Web Sites for Guys is a bit varied and probably has a little something for everyone. Now since you are already here on the Manwall we don't feel the need to include ourselves; obviously we are a hot destination for hot girls, funny videos, and very funny pictures plus manversations with Bro's.


1. - Number one rated spot by all of our guys is Sports Illustrated. You can't go wrong here with the constant feeds of information on all things sports. Yahoo Sports came in second but it was noted that more of us go here for fantasy leagues than anything else.

2.     Art of Manliness - It mixes old school style and substance with useful information and some really great articles. Think advice from Frank Sinatra for the year 2010 and beyond.

3. - I will hands down admit I used to subscribe to Cracked when it was just a paper magazine. While it isn't the same anymore, it is still a great site for crazy content and funny videos.

4. - Just some wild and interesting ideas on how to get more out of various aspects of your life. This place has tips and thoughts for making situations more advantageous to you.

5. - Did you wonder how long it would take before we had a porn site on the list? Surprisingly it is in the number 5 slot. Honestly it would have been higher but different guys voted for different sites (otherwise it would have been #1). YouPorn came in at a strong second with plenty of hot girls.

6. - All things tech, cars, gaming, and product reviews. Less funny videos and hot girls while instead providing more real news and information about stuff guys care about.

7.     The Bleacher Report - A close second to SI in regards to meeting a man's sports needs. The Bleacher Report has a niche from all of the local writers that cover teams and can provide more in-depth info than a larger site.

8.     Cool - This site has some unique gadgets and weird stuff you won't find anywhere else. Some stuff makes you go WTF? While other things you just want to buy.

9.     The - A site that links and feeds all sorts of cool videos, stories, and products (you can buy). They just want to show you awesome stuff.

10. - The quintessential site for video game information. They have the most info on all platforms including PC games and provide all the in-depth information you need.


That concludes our Top Web Sites for Guys - enjoy!