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Top 6 Things Girls Are REALLY Looking For

They say they like funny guys, looks don't matter, neither does money or penis size. Yeah, right. And guys never judge women by the size of their boobs. We could pretend we live in a perfect world where everyone is judged by how good of a person they are but ours is a more complicated society. Ironically, whereas men are more likely to judge women by their looks, women are more likely to put more stock in other aspects. That isn't to say they don't want a guy who looks like a Calvin Klein model, but here are six things that most women value even more.


1. Comfort
They want to feel comfortable that they can confide in you and be supported. Sure, in reality this means you have to listen to her complain about co-workers for hours and pipe in with a “I know, she was totally wrong” every now and again but you have to play the game to win the game. They also want to know you're not going anywhere, not looking for something else, and you are comfortable with your relationship. Even if they don't give you the same treatment, this is what they want.

2. Protection

Every girl likes to talk a big game about being able to take care of herself but most of them love having a guy there to do the dirty work. They want a guy who will stand up for them against verbal and sometimes even physical altercations. On the flip side, you don't want to be the guy who just sits there while she berates some waiter because she thinks you don't have the balls to tell the chef your soup is cold. Man up.

3. Reassurance

Attractive girls go their whole life being ogled and hit on. You would think that coupled with the fact they look in the mirror everyday would be enough to keep them secure but ironically it does just the opposite. Girls need constant reminders that they're still pretty, that you find them interesting, that they're not fat, etc. Just give it to them.

4. Someone For The Long Term

It's easy to be a good boyfriend in the beginning when everything is new and fun, but are you going to still be a good boyfriend a year, two, or three in when you're past the hot and steamy beginning? They sense when you get bored or if you are becoming boring. This one is less about how comfortable they are that you will stay and more about how much they will still want to stay with you. No matter how long you have been together, always remember that you have to keep your man-value up to keep her interested.

5. Sex

Yes, they want sex too. Unlike guys, though, most girls just aren't willing to do it with anyone. On the other hand, there is usually not some high standard for guys that she is willing to have sex with. A lot of guys will think, “Oh, she just want's to sleep with hot model looking guys. I'm nothing like that.”


In reality, she just doesn't want to sleep with some fat schlub that just crawled out of his mom's basement. Compared to the real guys she will encounter, odds are you are as good or better so never assume.

6. Someone to Change Into What They Really Want

The most important one. Every woman has an idea of what their dream guy is like. Whereas men are usually willing to settle for considerably less, women can't help but try to change you or at least lower your resistance in as many ways as possible until you resemble some Frankenstein monster version of Prince Charming. That isn't to say that she is not willing to compromise, but that still takes quite a bit of give on your part.