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Top 6 Female Body Language Signs You Should Pick Up On

So you like a girl and you're wondering if she likes you. It's a never ending conundrum facing both seventh-graders and geriatrics alike. Sure, you could ask her but you will undoubtedly receive some convoluted response that will leave you more unsure than before. Words lie, body language doesn't. If you want to know where you two stand, you need to read the signals. Read on.

1. Hair Touching

Is she touching her hair a lot when you are interacting? Either she likes you or she has a small animal living in her hair. Figure out which one it is. If it's the first one, let's see if we can check a few of the other signals off the list before we make our move.

2. Adjusting Clothes and Accessories

The constant hair touching, the adjusting of clothes, the playing with the jewelry. These are all signs that she is either a) kind of nervous and unsure and somewhat taken off her game by you (way to go!) or b) she thinks you're a creep and is nervous that you might pull out the chloroform at any second. The only way to know which one it is, let's look at #3.

3. Staring at You vs. Staring Off Into Space

If a girl's eyes are on you, she's fidgeting with her hair or clothes, and seems interested in what you're saying then you are doing your job. If she's looking around the room, you should probably stop talking about your 23 favorite Star Trek episodes.

4. Eye Contact

Eye contact is not something that comes easy. Eye contact is not just a sign of interest but a sign of comfort as well. If you two lovers are gazing into each other's eyes, keep at it. If she is avoiding eye contact with you, she is either not interested or has a wandering eye that she's too embarrassed to talk about.


If you want to get really biological with it, and who doesn't, some biologists say their pupils will literally dilate because they like you.

5. Smiling

A polite smile is a useful tool to get you through even the worst interactions but if a girl is constantly smiling and enjoying what you have to say, way to go Jerry Seinfeld. People who are smiling or laughing are naturally disarmed and most girls claim (whether it's true or not is debatable) that humor is the number one thing they look for in a guy.

6. Crossed Arms

Crossed arms are like the opposite of smiling. If you're talking to a girl who has crossed her arms, you either said one of those bad “C” or “B” words they don't like or you've completely lost your audience of one. She is physically closing herself off to you. But that's okay, we'll get the next one.