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Top 5 Jobs that will get you Laid


Certain Bro's have an unfair advantage in picking up girls. It isn't looks, money, or a sweet car; it's their job. Certain jobs either create a specific perception about the type of person you are OR put you in a better position to meet women in a way that will be to your benefit.

So maybe, just maybe if you aren't too crazy about your current profession you might think about a career change. It might benefit you in more ways than one...

Top 5 Jobs

Paramedic/Firefighter - This is kind of a no-brainer. Firefighters just naturally make women swoon. If you can get yourself in shape and be in the annual calendar, even better. By the same token, paramedics fall under that similar category. You wear a uniform and help people, which naturally makes people (women) assume that you are a good guy. If you have a good smile and can manage not to trip over your own tongue it is like taking candy from a baby.

Tattoo Artist - The ultimate 'bad boy' job is being a tattoo artist. Girls are already in a mood to do something a bit more risky by going to a tattoo parlor and then they are going to lie down in front of you and let you touch them. Really you have already moved a few hurdles out of the way to having sex. Maybe she will feel like getting a bit more dangerous that night after you finish putting that purple teddy bear tat on her hip.

Photographer - The artist is often considered to be sexy by women and when you have a camera you can let her feel like a model. If you are a good photographer you can make lots of money, meet tons of beautiful women (and stroke their egos constantly during photo shoots), and probably bag a few on the side after gigs. That sounds like a win-win to me.

Musician - Now for this really we mean singer or lead guitar player. As cool as the drummer or bass player are, they just don't get the chicks. But if you can sing a song or play a soulful tune it is easy to capture her attention. On stage, as the center of attention, you suddenly become an object of desire or even a notch for her belt.

Bartender - The ultimate closer is the bartender. You sit there and dole out drinks to ladies all night and everyone wants your attention. While you are sober and looking good behind the bar there is a natural inclination as the night goes on that one or two lonely ladies will fix their attention on you. Why? Because you have a job, seem friendly, and are a cut above the rest of the drunken douche bags who have been relentlessly trying to take them home.