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Top 5 Bad Habits That Make You Less of a Man

We all know that if you do effeminate things your Man Card gets revoked, it's just the way things have always been. But did you know that some of the things we all consider "manly" can actually make you less of a man? No, not in that your friends will laugh at you way, in an actual, biological, drop-your-testosterone-to-Betty-White-levels way.


Testosterone is the stuff that really separates men from women - it's the reason we're turned on when we see a hot girl, the reason we leap out of our seats at a football game, and the reason we don't back down from a challenge. More so, we need it just to stay healthy. So before the next time you show off your manly drinking ability or how long you can last without sleeping, consider that physically, it's actually making you more of a woman.


Not Getting Enough Sleep: Work hard, play hard, right? When are we supposed to get our 7-8 hours of sleep with everything that's going on? Still, if you want to be at the top of your game, you better catch those Zs. Not only does consistent lack of sleep lower your libido, it also lowers your energy, concentration, and strength. Consistently depriving yourself of sleep can quickly age you an extra 10-15 years according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.


Long Term Alcohol Abuse: We would never advocate not drinking but you need to be responsible, and not just in that MADD commercial sort of way. The key is to not binge and drink until you pass out or puke. Also, if you drink regularly, it's important to take at least 2-3 days a week off of drinking to give your liver some time to recover. Chronic alcohol abuse, however, will severely lower your testosterone and sex drive.


Masturbation: Relax, spanking the monkey, rubbing the turtle, and polishing the Washington Monument is still perfectly fine. As with everything else, however, it's important to not overdo it. Masturbating 3+ times a day is basically the threshold. Over-masturbation results in lowered testosterone levels as well as psychological changes that affect our need to find women and a healthy sex drive.


Smoking: Aside from the other health risks, smoking has a very direct impact on our hormone levels. Regular smoking will inhibit or change the way that our body produces testosterone, growth hormone, and other hormones - this means reduced energy, drive, libido, and even altered moods and thoughts.


High Stress: What's a man if he isn't working his ass off, right? Well, stop it. Stop stressing, everything will be okay. Stress is a bigger killer than all of the other things on the list, from sleep deprivation to alcohol abuse to smoking. There's bad stress and good stress, too much bad stress and your body will give. High levels of chronic stress take their toll, and alter your testosterone levels and moods. Stress also ages you out, another effect of lowered testosterone. So relax, just be a man.