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Top 5 Apps Every Guy Needs

In the past, all a guy needed in his pocket was some cash, keys, and condoms. But With a mini computer in everyone's pocket now, it would be illogical to miss out on all the cool stuff you can use your smartphone for. Lets take a look at the top iPhone and Android apps that every guy needs on hand.

1. OKCupid
OKCupid is a full featured free dating app but others like Plenty of Fish, Match, and Skout have a lot to offer too. Make sure to check out our top dating apps and top alternative dating sites to see which fits you best. What's great about dating apps as opposed to regular sites is that you can see and connect with girls who are right in your area. OKCupid will even give you and girls the option of picking an activity they want to do before you talk to anyone. This way you can find a date now, rather than down the road.

2. PMS Alert
Is your girl's time of the month around the corner? Be prepared for bitching and sexless nights with PMS Alert, a great app that gives you a heads-up when your girl is about to go into hormonal mode. Or as I like to call it, a great app that lets you know a great time for a three day golfing trip with your buddies.

3. AroundMe
With AroundMe, you never have to wonder where to spend your night again. find restaurants, bars, cafes, theaters, and anything else right in your area. It also helps you find parking and gives driving, walking, and public transportation directions to your destination.

4. Cocktails Made Easy
No one likes a guy who doesn't know what he's doing with a cocktail glass. Don't be that guy with Cocktails Made Easy, a very handy app with over 500 drink recipes. Don't have all the ingredients? No problem, the app helps you make do with what you have. You can enter what you have in you liquor cabinet and find matching cocktails, save favorites, and rate drinks.

5. UrbanDaddy
Tell UrbanDaddy where you are, what you want to do, and who you want to do it with and the app will hook you up with the coolest spots and best deals right in your area. Its like Groupon but for guys with lives, not housewives looking for a dental cleaning. Unlike other apps, UrbanDaddy's goal is to give you the best recommendations and deals, not just a lot of them.

BONUS: ESPN Score Center
You have to get your sports fix somewhere, why not the sports leader? ESPN's handy ScoreCenter app is a very sleek score and news app to get you the score, gamecast, or latest news on the go