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Top 20 Brotips

Oddly enough we at Manwall just recently discovered 'brotips'. Holy hell they are already up to 1600 tips and nobody told us about this? Some are fairly awesome while others made us go, "meh". The whole office got onto the site and quickly the entire afternoon was lost as we shouted tips back and forth until some genius (me) decided we should make a Top 20 list to share with our community.


Drum roll please......

1.     Man the fuck up.

2.     Don't do shit to be cool, do shit because you are cool.

3.     The quiet ones are the kinkiest.

4.     Don't be that guy.

5.     Chicks go crazy for beastly hugs. That one-armed shit makes you look like a bitch.

6.     Food is fucking delicious. Stop being a priss bitch about "calorie intake".

7.     Calm the fuck down.

8.     Whenever you do something awesome, look at whomever's around and go, "top that." It'll be ten times as sick.

9.     If you notice that her inbox is always cleared perhaps you should reconsider her honesty.

10. Relationships come and go. Your haters are replaceable. But bros are forever.

11. The declaration of "dibs" is sacred. If violated, all bros in the vicinity reserve the right to fuck you up.

12. Bros don't let bros wear jean shorts (or Crocs).

13. Axe is not an appropriate substitute for a shower.

14. Don't fall asleep around bros with sharpies.

15. Face your problems, don't Facebook them.

16. If you wake up hoping no one tagged you in any pictures from last night, you're partying the right way.

17. Everybody dies, but not everybody lives, bro. Go hard.

18. "Do or do not. There is no try." - Broda

19. Your dick belongs in your pants, not in your personality.

20. You don't need a watch, bro. The time is now or never.