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Top 10 Tips for Impressing a Woman

Impressing a woman is easy right? Just give that lovely lady two tickets to the gun show and "pow-pow-bang-bang" she will be like liquid putty in your hands.

OR you could try something that might work. If the legendary Ron Burgundy has taught us anything, it is that there is a right way and a wrong way to go about impressing a woman. So let's look at some of things the she might actually find appealing rather than just slapping on some Sex Panther by Odeon and letting that pungent scent do all of the work for you.

Remember, you never know when the next Ms. Right (or Miss Right Now) is going to see you and have a chance to be impressed by you. So make sure to use these tips all the time so that your best foot is always forward.

Tips for Impressing a Woman

1.     Be Confident -It doesn't matter where, it doesn't matter when, and it doesn't matter what you are doing; always be confident. Women love a confident man and can see it a mile away even if you are just sitting at a table drinking coffee.

2.     Be Well Groomed - Typically if you look good and know it then you feel good and confident so this directly relates to the above tip. Plus women do judge us on the way we look when they see us so we might as well impress rather than depress.

3.     Make Eye Contact - Looking anyone in the eye displays confidence and shows interest. So look into those eyes and avoid ogling her chest and other features. You can do that later.

4.     Grab the Door - Always open doors for people regardless of who it is or what the situation. This shows that you have manners and are kind and courteous even to strangers. That is impressive because so many people these days aren't. Hold the door at the restaurant for strangers, always open a car door for a woman, and make sure to hold her chair seating her at dinner.

5.     Be Polite - This is for everyone and anyone. When you are at the counter ordering coffee and the girl says, "Hi how are you today?" don't just blow her off with your order. Smile and say, "Doing great and how are you doing?" Thank people for helping you, say excuse me and mean it. This creates an air of positivity around you that women will notice and find impressive.

6.     Be Social - This is a good trait but it always needs to be done with her family and friends. Women typically evaluate us on how we fit into their world so make sure it is "like a glove". The more attractive you are to her friends and family, the more attractive you are to her - period.

7.     Ignore Your Phone - If you are on a date, trying to pick up a girl, etc then ignore your phone. Obviously you might have important stuff going on so it is cool to glance at it, but make sure to explain why like, "I am sorry but there is a business email I am keeping an eye out for." Otherwise skip calls and texts because she is priority number one and has your attention.

8.     Be Complimentary - Compliments are a great key to expressing emotion and some people crave that form of attention so by all means give it! But you can't just be sophomoric about it with things like, "Nice tits!" Go for more original and specific things like, "I love the way that dress looks on you."

9.     Be a Good Listener - Shocking news here, women love to talk! So by all means let them! Ask them about their day, their interests, or anything else and let them talk while you listen and enjoy their company.

10. Be Respectful - I don't know a single person who doesn't want to be respected. You never hear anyone ask to be disrespected. So keep that in mind with how you treat women and everyone else.