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Top 10 Things Every Guy Should Know About Hair Loss

If you have been watching LeBron James in NBA finals, then you already know that baldness can affect any man.  Luckily, we don't all have to don the double-headband to hide our receding shame. Why do you go bald?  When does it happen?  What can I do about it?  Let's break down something every guy needs to know about - male pattern baldness.

1. What causes baldness?

More than 95% of men who go bald suffer from male pattern baldness, or as your doctor so medically calls it, androgenetic alopecia.  It is genetic so there is little you can do about this and you are more likely to have the baldness gene than not.

2. Who is the bastard responsible for this?

Your mom.  Baldness is believed to come from your mom's side of the family and you have a 4 in 7 chance of receiving the baldness gene.  However, other studies suggest that both parents like contribute to the likelihood of your future hair loss so your mom's dad may not be the best barometer for what's going to happen.

3. What age is it going to start to go?

A quarter of men will begin to bald by age 30 while two-thirds of men will start to go bald before the age of 60.  This all largely depends on your genetic predisposition as well as a few lifestyle influences.

4. How much hair will I lose?

This all largely depends on when your hair starts to go.  Most men Wilkes.  Spinning year in the front and sides forming in Sioux and M pattern.  While some men will see their hair started no aggressively, most will gradually continue losing their hair once it starts.

5. What else causes hair loss?

Other factors like stress, disease, poor nutrition, medication, various hair products, and similar factors can cause you lose hair.

6. What products should I use?

Certain products can cause you to start losing your hair temporarily.  Overusing shampoo, coloring, styling, or other products can damage your hair, causing it to become weak and fall out.  Wearing a hat can also cause your hair to get dry, limp, and fallout.  It is only temporary, however, and if you stop using these products your hair will regrow in its usual cycle.

7. Do treatments work?

Most of the time.  Luckily we don't live in our grandfather's time where there's not much we can do about our horseshoe.  The sooner you begin treatment, the more effective it will be.  Men who start losing their hair very early are less likely to see significant long-term results while men who are gradually thinning are prime candidates for the treatments.  Remember, all of these treatments come with specific side effects that you need to consult your doctor about.

8. Basic Treatments

There are two drugs that have been approved to fight male pattern baldness. Minoxidil, found in products like Rogaine and finasteride, found in products like Propecia. They have both shown significant effects for many, but not all men and come in external formulas as well as pills.

9. Hair Loss Procedures

Aside from the basic drugs, other treatment options are offered by various companies and doctors.  Hair transplants are growingly popular though costly.  Laser therapy like the HairMax Laser Comb is also gaining popularity.  Other treatments like air cloning and gene therapy are becoming increasingly available though much more study needs to be done.

10. What About Shaving My Head?

That is the advice that everyone has given LeBron and many other men would be much better off shaving what's left of their hair and going for the Michael Jordan look.  Still, not every man is cut out for a completely shaved head so do some serious thinking about how you would look if you took everything off.