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Top 10 Movies to See this Summer


Summer is almost here! Of course that is like a clarion call to men as that means Summer Movie Releases! Sure there are always a few chick flicks and family movies pushed out amongst the films but for the most part it is a ton of big budget action movies along with comedies.

Can you say, "Hell Yeah!"

So this is what is on its way that we cannot wait to see. Drum roll please.......

Top 10 Movies to See

1.     The Three Stooges - Okay this one just came out but you have to see it. I know the Stooges but never really watched a lot of them. The movie was classic. It was set to true Stooge style and had me and my date laughing our asses off.

2.     The Raven - This one premiers April 27th and is looking dark, grim, and interesting as hell. John Cusack has always kicked ass in his roles and this should be no different as he plays Edgar Allen Poe. Since it is a mystery/thriller make sure to have someone with you who will need you to protect her.

3.     The Avengers - Does this really need any more hype? It comes out on May 4th and looks awesome! Best line so far (from Robert Downey Jr.), "We have a Hulk." The previews make this film look as legit as or better than Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America. Plus ScarJo is wearing a black bodysuit!

4.     The Dictator - Sacha Baron Cohen at his finest is coming to a theatre near you on May 16th. Like Will Ferrell, you just have to watch his movies because he always brings a few crazy and yet insanely funny moments to them.

5.     Men in Black 3 - Hard to not like this series as you can take a date. Popping on the screen May 25th Big Willie and Tommy Lee Jones plus we get Josh Brolin playing young K. There are always unique ideas and sweet concepts rolled into these films plus a lot of jokes.

6.     Prometheus - Ridley Scott directs this Alien-like sci-fi thriller with the always hot Charlize Theron. June 8th is the day you can see some amazing special effects and crazy sci-fi ideas.

7.     Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - June 22nd! Really, do we need to say more? The President hunts vampires! This could easily suck horribly but we love the concept. The cast is young, yet experienced and this could end up being a great flick.

8.     G.I. Joe: Retaliation - June 29th brings you Tatum Channing as Duke and also adds in Bruce Willis, The Rock, Ray Stevenson, and Walton Goggins making this one seriously kick-ass cast. The bar was set with the trailers and we expect the film to be very cool.

9.     Amazing Spider-Man - July 3rd will mark the reboot of the franchise. Honestly the first Spider-Man was pretty damn good so this one better be epic. They do have a decent cast and a different take on the story so we do have high hopes that the wall crawler will kicking ass.

10. The Dark Knight Rises - July 20th. Do I really need to say anything? The Dark Knight series has been phenomenal and this final chapter is expected to be just as good as the last.