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Top 10 Jukebox Songs

It happens to everyone at some point. There you are, in a bar, standing over at the jukebox. It doesn't matter how you got there; you wanted music, she wanted music, they wanted music. The fact of the matter is there you stand, utterly confused as to what the f*ck you should play.

Do you go rock? Maybe some sort of sing-along anthem? How going smooth with Let's Get in On and do some grinding? Arrrrghhhh what should you do! The pressure is building while you flip through the songs and people start to stare at you like you are mentally handicapped and wondering if you need help. Do people want to hear Billie Joel? Probably not.....

Danger, danger! If a chick comes over to help out then she is bound to choose some lame music and of course you will let her because she is a chick and you probably want to bang her.

This is why we have this list of standbys and favorites. When in the list.

Top 10 Jukebox Songs

1.     Roadhouse Blues by The Doors - "Well I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer" is a classic.

2.     Baba O'Riley by The Who - Everyone loves the intro and the drum solo.

3.     Sweet Home Chicago by The Blues Brothers - Great song that you can't always find but everyone knows if you do.

4.     One Bourbon, One Shot, and One Beer by George Thorogood - Classic bar song that everyone knows.

5.     Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen - Oddly girls love to sing along to this song just like guys.

6.     I got Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks - This is as close to picking a 'chick song' as we will get.

7.     Freebird by Lynard Skynard - Damn but you get your monies worth on this song that lasts 10 minutes.

8.     Werewolf of London by Warren Zevon - Just like in the Color of Money, if you are playing pool at the bar then slip this song in.

9.     Layla by Eric Clapton (Derrick and the Dominoes) - Another classic from the guitar god that you can't go wrong with.

10. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen - Yeah when people starting singing in the falsetto then you know it's a party!

This list isn't going for being perfect. But what it is going for are classic tunes that most everyone likes. There is nothing worse than picking songs and having half the bar glare at you because they didn't grow up on Def Leppard. But everyone knows these songs and can tap a foot or sing along which is why they made the list.