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Top 10 Hottest Girls that ever walked the Earth as rated by Manwall for the Bro Guide

How can we possibly compile a list of the Top 10 Hottest Girls of all time? That was the question I fired to my editor after he sent me an email asking for the hottest girls that, "ever walked the Earth". With a shrug he told me to figure it out.

The scope of the project is truly where the problem lies. Think of it…how many girls have you or any other guy waxed his pole to over the years? That and of course the general concept of "hot" which can vary from guy to guy. Sure, we can all generally agree that Pam Anderson in her Baywatch-bouncing prime is hot, but does she make the list of the 10 Hottest Girls of all time? Where do Victoria Secret Models factor in? How about Milf's? Then does a porn star hit the list or is she just sexy and slutty but not super hot?

At that point my brain literally shut lock down. Later at the bar my buddy Jonesy came up with a great idea (after a few shots of course). We would contact everyone in our circles and each guy would make a list of 20 girls. It was pure genius! Not only did it mean less work for me, other than compiling the lists and rating the girls based on votes, but it was also much more democratic compared to me just jotting down my Top 10.

A week later, here we are! Manwall's complete list of the hottest Top 10 ladies that have ever graced this planet.

The Top 10 Hottest Girls of All Time

1.     Kelly Brook – This British import keeps scoring surprisingly well in the U.S. market.

2.     Pamela Anderson – She dominated the fantasies of guys in the 90’s like no other.

3.     Jenny McCarthy – Sexy, hot, funny and a Playboy mainstay.

4.     Salma Hayek – It’s like she never ages and that accent with those curves…wow.

5.     Halle Berry – Did anyone watch Catwoman for any other reason than her in the outfit?

6.     Rosie Jones – A lot of Rosie Jones equals a lot of Rosie Palms.

7.     Kate Upton – She makes quite the impression with her…umm…personality…yeah.

8.     Helen Flanagan – Another British hottie makes the list!

9.     Angelina Jolie – The woman oozes sexiness and for years was the top screensaver for men.

10.  Scarlett Johansson – Those eyes, those lips and those curves make quite a package.

Honorable Mentions

·       Liz Hurley

·       Monica Bellucci

·       Gisele Bundchen

·       Jenna Jameson

·       Megan Fox

It should not be overly surprising in the context of our demographic that women like Marilyn Monroe, Raquel Welch, or Jane Fonda didn't make the list. Not that they weren't hot, because they were in their day, but do they really compare to the women on this list? If given the chance between any of the women included in our Top 10 Hottest Girls list and others, I know which ones I would be going for.