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Top 10 Epic Sporting Events


This list can probably also be called stuff to do before you die because you really need to see these events. Everyone always has the old standby list of wanting to see the NBA Finals or the Super Bowl. Yes, those are great events. But this list is the best of the best that involves things that transcend their individual sports and become events that all men must see just to say, "Yeah, I was there."

1.     The Masters - It is golf at its' finest. The location, the history, and the competition make it one of the best tournaments every year. The picturesque grounds and feel of the course along with roar of the crowds is just magical.

2.     Daytona 500 - There is no race in NASCAR that is bigger. Every race driver dreams of winning this one to be immortalized. Even if you aren't a fan of racing, this weekend event with the chance to check out cars and meet drivers is one of a kind.

3.     Home Run Derby - It is the best thing about baseball (in my opinion). Guys swing at every pitch with no re-adjustments between cuts. There is excitement because chicks dig the long ball. Also you get a lot of chances to catch a souvenir!

4.     Yankess versus the Red Sox at Fenway - The Park is an icon in the baseball world. The teams have the oldest rivalry in the game. Both teams are usually very good, and even when they aren't the rivalry always makes up for it.

5.     North Carolina versus Duke at Cameron Stadium - Everything we said for Yankees and Sox applies here. These two teams have the biggest rivalry in college hoops and almost always feature Top 25 teams. The kids in Cameron are crazy and the energy during a game is amazing. The "Who's your daddy," chants are worth the admission.

6.     Wimbledon - There is something almost regal about Wimbledon. The grass courts trace history back over the years with tons of memorable moments. Plus after matches you can hit the pub for fish and chips.

7.     Kentucky Derby - Time to get out a swanky outfit and go bet on the ponies! This is an all-time classic American event. The crowds, the excitement, the hot women dressed up in their finery; and you get to gamble!

8.     Tour de France - Watching the tour is definitely an experience. You wake up early for breakfast, cheer as they start, drive to the finish, enjoy a long lunch, and cheer as they arrive. All of this is done in the beautiful surroundings of France.

9.     FA Cup Final - This tournament is a yearlong event in England that culminates with the finals in Wembley stadium. The Brits are crazy about soccer and the matches are always heated. When you add to that the drunken brawls that sometimes erupt in the stands then you have a must attend event.

10. Final Four - College sports always have a special allure. It is almost pure in the way that these kids put it out there with very few of them expecting to play the game for money in the pro's. The Final Four is special because you get to watch 3 great games over a few days with unparalleled excitement and emotion.