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Top 10 Conversation Starters To Get You Talking To More Girls Instantly

Let's face it, we all want to talk to more girls - but more often than not, we don't know what to say. We try to come up with something natural, something funny, or something clever but only figure out the perfect thing to say an hour later. Well, look at it this way, if you start talking to a girl, you are 100% more likely to have sex with her than if you didn't.


Trying to come up with the right thing to say? Stop. As comedian Louis CK says, the only honest thing you can tell a girl when you first approach her is "I want to have sex with your face." The honest approach won't get you far. It's not about saying just the right thing, in fact, do you remember the first thing anyone ever said to you? The key to talking to more girls is to just start doing it. Stop trying to think of the perfect thing to say and just use one of these instead.

1. "Hey."

That's right, talking isn't exactly rocket science. We talk to countless people every day and all that time. Think about all the times you didn't talk to a girl because you couldn't come up with "just the right thing to say". If you had just said "hey," you immediately have all 100% better chance of getting laid than you did by making excuses.  Remember, it's not the first thing you say that matters, so a "hey" can do most of the time.

2. "Nice Shoes."

Just about every girl wants you to notice all hard work she put in in front of the mirror that morning so when you compliment their shoes, clothes, or accessories it goes a long way. Even longer than you would if you simply complimented her appearance. You can follow this one up with just about anything.

3. "Should I get the bagel or the muffin?"

Look, we all have a tough time deciding what we want in Dunkin' Donuts and girls love giving their opinion. This is a completely innocent question and will always garner a response and can be used anywhere. Now you're in.


4. "This place looks like Hellen Keller decorated it."

Mention something about your surroundings, perhaps the place is to hot or cold, perhaps the music is obnoxious, maybe the pictures on the wall are all of Walruses. You don't need to look for something in common when you are both already in the same place.

5. "Do you know where Joe's Pub is?"

The key to using this one is to not just walk away thanking her for giving directions.  Tell a story about why you are going to Joe's Pub or just point out how you don't know where anything is in this part of the neighborhood. Perhaps she can show you around or maybe accompany you to Joe's Pub for some free drinks.


6. "Did you hear about the bank robbery down the street?"

Everyone has an opinion on the news and the more local it is the more relevant it is to them.  Was there a bank robbery? A hit-and-run? A celebrity sighting?

7. "Didn’t we go to history class together?"

That old gag. The time tested "Hey, didn't we sit on the bus in middle school together?" bit is great - when she says no, you can just point out how big a crush you had on that girl or ask questions to find if she's similar to your made up middle school chemistry partner.

8. "This is the slowest line ever."

Everyone loves to complain.  In fact, the strongest bonds are built on hating the same things.  Usually there will be obvious things you can complain about - a slow line, a loud table, or horrible service.

9. "Have you ever been to France?"

Because in France, they don't call it quarter-pounder with cheese, they call it a Royale with cheese. Oh, how interesting! Got a fun fact that's at all loosely related to your surroundings? Throw it out there!

10. "Is that coffee good?"

We have been using the coffee shop as an example in this article but this can be done anywhere. See a woman in the store? Ask her what she likes about that cereal in her cart. See a woman at a bar? Ask her if her drink is good. See a girl reading? Ask her if it's a good book.