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Top 10 Cities to Visit on a Bro Trip

Stumped on where you and the guys should go this summer on a Bro trip? Tired of just driving to your cousin's cabin in the woods and getting drunk on beer while fishing in the nearby river? Well then check out this list of amazing locations that you and your boys should go visit. Sure, you could visit them with your wife or girlfriend OR you could really enjoy the best these spots have to offer (hint: women).

1.     San Diego - The perfect beach spot during summer. You can get a hotel near the beach within walking distance of everything you could want to do. The Padres have a great stadium downtown to watch an afternoon ballgame. You can walk around the gaslight which has great bars and restaurants. Plus the beaches are great for surfing and other fun. Fishing? You bet!

2.     St. Andrews (Scotland) - If you are going to Scotland then you need to stop at St. Andrews to play golf on the most historic (and oldest) course in the world, the St. Andrews Old Course. The cathedrals and other sites are historic and amazing. Plus they have an aquarium, beaches, and of course pubs!

3.     Rome (Italy) - Channel your inner Gladiator and check out one of the most amazing and historic cities in the world. Along with the Coliseum there is the Vatican (heya Pope), the Pantheon, and plenty of other old buildings that look cool. The best part of Rome? Italian women, lots and lots of them!

4.     Las Vegas - This is kind of a no brainer. Strippers, hookers, clubs, casinos, shows, alcohol, and huge buffets. Can you say debauchery? Yeah, I think you can. Plus they have some great golf and you can always book a trip around a boxing or UFC match.

5.     Havana (Cuba) - Now that things aren't quite so dangerous, Cuba is a guy's party-land. You have ladies that can Salsa you out of your mind to go with Cuban cigars and of course, rum. Havana has a solid Latin vibe with great clubs and night spots and places like the rum factory to tour during the day.

6.     Munich (Germany) - We only really condone going here at one point each year; Oktoberfest! This 16-day festival has been going on since 1810. You get hot girls dressed up in classic Bavarian costumes, beer, awesome guy food, beer, atmosphere, oh and did we say beer?

7.     Monaco (Monte Carlo) - Yeah it is time to get down like James Bond and visit this rich kid's delight. The Hotel de Paris and Monte Carlo casino both cost bucks but are so worth it. Fast cars, hot women, and high stakes gambling go well with sleeping off a hangover on the beach the next day. If you can time it right you also can watch the Grand Prix.

8.     New York City - Any time of the year there is always something going on in the Zoo. Between sporting events, shows on Broadway, and tons of sights like Times Square or the Statue of Liberty; there is a ton of stuff to do in New York. Plus the nightlife has great clubs and bars.

9.     Bryce Canyon (Utah) - Utah? Who goes to Utah? Well people that want to visit one of the most amazing National Parks in the U.S. do! Incredible geology, views, hiking, and more make this one of those spectacular places to see. Plus there are other great spots nearby for rafting.

10. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - Hrm hot Brazilian women, world famous amazing beaches, Carnival, rain forests, and more make this an incredible destination. They have regular UFC style fight leagues as well as soccer matches playing all the time. Or you can just sip drinks and stare at women.