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Top 10 Best X Videos on the Internet (as rated by Manwall for the Bro Guide)

What is the Best X Video on the net? That is a tough decision my friend. First of all there are thousands upon thousands of X Vids in circulation around this wonderful thing we call cyberspace. Secondly, and probably more importantly, we all have different tastes.

For example, after a long day at the Manwall offices I prefer three fingers of Jack with a few cubes of ice...that's how my momma raised me. Perhaps you are a craft beer guy or maybe like a nice dry martini. Far be it from me to tell you how to roll. X Videos are in that same boat. If your thing is watching a dwarf get nailed by a tranny then my list is not going to measure up.

But there is one way I can compile a list of the top 10 best x-videos on the internet; go by the numbers. Just like Billy Bean in Moneyball, it's all about metrics. Video views, ratings, and feedback paint a clear picture about what is hot and what's not. Let's face it...numbers don't lie...that's what ex-wives do.

The Top 10 Best X Videos

Japanese Schoolgirl Porn - ( ) This one popped up on PornHub with a whopping 127 million views over five years. The girl is amazing but at the same time that is a lot of views for an okay level of action. It's all about the fetish!

Great Body, Great Sex - ( ) Found on YouTube, one of the premier homes for porn, is this absolute gem featuring stunning brunette porn star Lela Star giving her man everything he could want and more in what appears to be a homemade movie. Over 65 million views can't be wrong!

Fantasy Girl Cums to Life - ( ) This one is on YouTube and other spots since it is a segment from a porno featuring my favorite "actress" Katie Morgan. Of the 55 million views I am probably a good thousand of them. She is just hot!

Hottest Step Mom - ( ) Featuring Kimberly Kole, this little X video managed almost 55 million hits at PornHub with a solid 90% boner approval. She hits the MILF scale with a solid 10 for me.

Naomi - Crazy Ass - ( ) I found the long version of this one at Tube8 and it is well worth the watch. Between a few sites this video was watched over 50 million times and with the ass Naomi Russell has that number seems low. Spoiler alert, yes she does anal.

Tight Pus Gets Smashed - ( ) This PornHub gem has all the important aspects you want to see; Kayden Kross, sexy lingerie and some hot bathroom sex in the cleanest bathroom you will ever see. Seriously, in what world do you have a couch next to the urinals?

MILF does Daughter's Boyfriend - ( This video has that seedy, hidden camera look to it but with top notch editing. Poor little Jewels Jade decides to take some young buck to town in a hotel room and it totally matches my fantasy of what she would do to me. Her body with that tattoo styled belt just does it for me. Apparently 41 million other guys liked it too. 

Step Dad Fantasy - ( Renae Cruz in a POV video right out of Twisted Vision 6 is something every guy should watch. Seriously...just watch it because this girl is just amazing.

Two Guys and a Girl - ( For those who love a little two on one action, especially if the one is a blonde smokeshow with an incredible ass, then look no further. Starlet Krystal Steal has an awful porn name but amazing porn body and it gets worked in this x video.

Two Beautiful Girls - ( We end this list of the best X Videos on the internet with Austin Kincaid and Lanny Barbie fulfilling most guys fantasy of having two amazingly hot girls just bang the hell out of him while working on a tan. I do have to say, the dude in the video is pretty damn homely but when you are packing a huge boner you get action.

We did skip a few videos that had more views like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian getting plowed because other than their B-level status the movies were duds and certainly did not belong in a list of the Best X Videos on the internet. Even the guy who likes dwarf porn agrees with me on that one.