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Top 10 Best Hookup Websites

Let's not beat around the we are talking about "Adult Dating Sites". You know... the ones where you are going to get your knob polished and not spring for dinner and a movie first. Anyone who has surfed a porn site lately (and don't act like you haven't) is pretty aware that there are sex dating sites out there for sexual encounters and while some look shady, others are very much not.

There is no shame is going this route. Sometimes you hit a dry spell. Or, maybe you just got out of a long relationship and are looking to get your freak on without any attachments. However as many of us are skeptics, we have to keep our eyes out for scams like the sites full of Euro girls posing as locals trying to get you to pay for a membership. So to take the guesswork out of the equation, here at Manwall we stepped up to the plate to provide in-depth reviews in our quest to find the Top 10 Best Hookup sites.

Top 10 Best Hookup Sites

1.     Adult Friend Finder - Number one on our list with a bullet is Adult Friend Finder.
With over 43, 489,011 members you’re bound to hook up for no strings attached casual dating fun.
A few of us here at ManWall hooked up with hot chicks and one of our interns actually got laid on the first hookup.  Of course you need to pay to play but the price is much more reasonable than a hooker.

2.     Craigslist - Ha! We threw a curve at you with this one! First off Craigslist is free so high points here. If you have never cruised the Casual Encounters then you just aren't living. It is a free smorgasbord of fun. Really it is number two on the list because it is free and has a certain level of risky excitement to go with it.

3.     Match - Oh you think is a dating site for people looking for long term relationships? Pbbbhhttt! Take that crap to eHarmony. Match is totally a meat market for hooking up. Find yourself a nice recently divorced chick or girl, who is tired of douche bags, throw some game and romance at her and you will be balls deep by midnight. Plus if you get tired of hit and runs, you can look for a relationship. This site has tons of members to search through at a decent price.

4.     Online Booty Call - This site is flipping hilarious. Everyone should visit just to read the Hookup Commandments. There are real women on this site but you will certainly be panning for gold unless your natural inclination is for larger women. That being said, big girls need lovin' too and some of them are freaks between the sheets as our intern found out. Overall the membership price was okay for the value you get.

5.     Fling - This is a pretty decent site. They have singles, swingers, couples, people down for a hard-core spanking and pretty much anything else. It is free to join but you need a monthly membership to really do anything however the price is pretty damn good. The reason this site rates lower than OBC is because the competition is stiffer and we got less action that we hoped for because of it.

6.     Plenty of Fish - Again this might look like a standard dating site, but the line between sex and relationships is pretty damn blurry. Quite a few women just want sex but don't want to seem like they are a cheap whore so they hunt for the D on dating sites. Just set your search for "Isn't seeking a relationship" and you are off! Plus the site is free which we all love.

7.     Hot or Not - This is certainly a young person's hangout with anyone over 30 looking decidedly creepy. It falls on the simple premise of finding people near you that you like and then striking up a text conversation. The site is pretty cheap and with the mobile app it means you can look for hookups online while at the bar.

8.     LavaLife - Weird name, but a good site. You can select normal dating or casual flings. They have a mobile app and link up with two other sites to cover people over 45 and gay men. Plus with your membership you can use different profiles in the different sections so you can have the nice profile for dates and the leather and chains profile for flings. The $19.99 per month cost is decent but if you do it, buy the 6 month package for $9.99 per month.

9.     Club Intimate - We are getting down to the bottom of the barrel here. This site is free which is great. They also have a wide range of people looking for all sorts of stuff like travel partners (sex buddies) and other stuff. But the biggest drawback is that it seems like there are a lot more dudes than chicks.

10.  SexyAds - Completing the list is SexyAds. This is certainly a real site with real people. Of course that means a whole lot of trolls and big women who might rock a 3 or 4 if you are drunk enough. Not a ton of volume here which is why it is way down the list.

Notable Scam Sites

In our endless search for hot girls who are down to bang, we did run across a few less than reputable site. Take heed if you visit Horny Matches, XDating, or iHookup. They all do the common bait-and-switch tactics to get you signed up and then suddenly the hot women are replaced by trolls (or dudes).

Last but not least, make sure to stay safe out there guys. Don't be a fool, wrap that tool.