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Top 10 Athletes To Learn From

Athletes aren't simply athletes, they're celebrities. We get to follow their stories and glimpse at their everyday life and learn things about them that previous generations' sports fans never could. Some of these athletes are great people who can teach us a lot about becoming successful while others are guys who make dumb choices and can teach us a lot about what not to do. Either way, it's important to learn from others' triumphs and mistakes, let's take a look at 10 athletes who can teach you something about being a man.

10. LeBron James - Don't Believe Your Own Hype

When LeBron James made the move to Miami, they held an entire concert in commemoration of their inevitable NBA Championship. Not so fast. Within a matter of months, LeBron James went from one of the most popular NBA stars around to someone perceived as a pompous ass. No one likes bragging, and no one likes bragging that you actually buy into. Spend more time getting better and then celebrate when it's actually time to celebrate.

9. Jose Bautista - Greatness Takes Time

Jose Bautista has led the Major Leagues in home runs for the past two years which is why it's shocking that he never hit more than 16 home runs until his ninth year as a pro. Bautista was a guy with poor contact skills that bounced around lousy squads like the Devil Rays, Royals, Pirates,  and Orioles. In his first full year in Toronto, Jose Bautista went from a toss-away player to the most feared bat in the league. That's over a decade of hard work paying off.

8. Tim Tebow - Desire is Everything

Tim Tebow can't accurately pass. Tim Tebow had no wide receivers. Tim Tebow couldn't do the most basic QB three-step drop. Yet this kid, in his first year starting, single handedly led his team to the second-round of the playoffs on pure desire to win. Sometimes you aren't the best but if you have the drive to not lose then you will do whatever it takes.

7. Warren Sapp - Hold On To Your Money

Warren Sapp was once the highest-paid defensive lineman in the league. Today he is bankrupt. As men, particularly men who suddenly come into some money, we don't always make the best choices. Just remember, simply because you have money now doesn't mean you will always have money.

6. Pac-Man Jones - Don't Ruin Your Life With Stupid Choices

There are few defensive backs as fast or talented as Pac-Man Jones yet there's only one thing we know him for - being the most suspended player in the NFL. Consider how your actions in the heat of the moment can impact your entire life.

5. O.J. Simpson - Don't Kill People

Fairly basic. This can also be known as the Jayson Williams, J.R. Smith, Donte Stallworth Rule.

4. Antonio Cromartie - Wear a Rubber

At age 28, the Jets corner is expecting his 12th child. Either he and Tim Tebow has similar ideas about birth control or he's starting a cult. NFL money or not, do you know what a paycheck split 13 ways is?

3. Josh Hamilton - We All Get Second Chances

Hamilton is a former first-overall pick who missed the first eight years of his career due to a nasty drug problem. Luckily, he bounced back later in life and was able to get a second chance in the Majors. Since finally coming up in 2007, Josh Hamilton has consistently been among the league leaders in home runs, average, and RBIs.

2. JaMarcus Russell - It's Not About Potential

Like Josh Hamilton, JaMarcus Russell was a first-overall pick, albeit in the NFL. With a record deal in hand, Russell quickly went on to become the biggest bust in NFL history. There were many people jealous of Russell on draft day but many of those are still actually playing in the NFL.

1. Barry Bonds - Don't Cheat

All that work and all those steroids to break the MLB Home Run record and now he won't even be voted into the Hall of Fame? Isn't that the definition of comeuppance? Cheaters will typically get caught and when they do, it seems hardly worth it.