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This Week's Netflix BroPicks - April 26

Nothing to watch? Access to thousands of movies and shows and can't decide what to see? Scroll no more, it's time for this week's Netflix BroPicks. Just a couple of hundred hours of great guy movies and TV shows guaranteed to blow your testosterone of the charts. Ready for unsafe amounts of awesome yet? Let's do it.


1. Hoosiers: Hoosiers is THE classic sports movie. Hoosiers is Friday Night Lights, The Replacements, Coach Carter, Remember The Titans, etc. before any of those movies were even conceived. Gene Hackman, a coach with “a past” and the town drunk attempt to coach a mostly white high school basketball team to a championship. Enjoy a classic guy Cinderella story and remember a time before players could dunk.


2. Breaking Bad: Likely the best show on television. Malcolm in the Middle's dad Bryan Cranston plays Walter White, a chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer who starts making the purest meth in the state in a trailer in New Mexico with his former student and sometimes nemesis Jesse Pinkman. As you can imagine, things get out of hand pretty fast, especially when the Mexican cartel gets involved. You can catch the first three seasons of this epic show on Netflix Streaming but you'll have to wait or look elsewhere for season 4. Season 5 starts this summer.


3. Super Troopers: Go inside the lives of traffic cops, via Drunken Lizard. It's also one of the funniest indie comedies ever made. Follow five prankster Vermont troopers as they try to save their jobs while also trying to solve a murder/drug case that involves the real police.


4. John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show: There's way too much bad stand up out there but The Daily Show's John Oliver has put together a truly great show with the best New York comedians like Eugene Mirman, Brian Posehn, Pete Holmes, Amy Schumer, Marc Maron, Anthony Jeselnik, and Brendon Walsh. Watch the first two seasons on Netflix Streaming.


5. Food, Inc.: Find out what is really inside that burger you're eating. This disturbing documentary takes you into the ugly world of mass food production and is guaranteed to ensure you never eat some of your favorite foods again.