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This Week's Netflix BroPicks - April 18

Complain about the lack of good flicks on Netflix no more, Manwall is back with another edition of This Week's Netflix BroPicks. So strap on your TV watching helmet and get a week's worth of Doritos ready because we're not leaving this couch until we've gone through this 16 hours of Netflix awesomeness:


Being John Malkovich: If you liked Adaptation or Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, you're going to love Being John Malkovich. John Cusak, Cameron Diaz, and of course, John Malkovich star in this surreal comedy about a half-floor in an office building with a door that leads to John Malkovich's brain and an unlikely love-triangle. Or rectangle.


Black Books: Arguably the funniest British sit-com, ever. The ridiculously funny Dylan Moran plays an alcoholic anti-social bookshop owner who hates customers and hires Manny, a hyper-stressed accountant to run his store. To sum up three seasons in a nutshell, hilarity ensues.


American: The Bill Hicks Story: Bill Hicks is one of the greatest comedians of all time and this critically acclaimed documentary takes you through his early years where the audience would simply walk out to his later ultra-popular stand-up specials and eventually his early (typical artist) death.


Clerks: Did you know some people still have never seen Clerks? Not only is this THE quintessential independent comedy, not only is this THE movie that launched the greatness that is Kevin Smith, but it is easily one of the most quotable and relatable movies of all time. If you enjoy a good dick joke, you're going to love Clerks.


Trainspotting: There are few things better than a British drug movie, that's just a fact. Young Ewan McGregor plays Renton, a kid trying to get off drugs while being surrounded by nothing but his junkie friends (all of whom are awesome characters). As Rent Boy would say, "Who needs reasons when you've got heroin?"