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Things Bros Don't Do

Everyone knows about what Bro's should do such as being a great wingman, writing on another bros face when he passes out, or always having your back. But just like there is the good in the world, there is also a dark side to the force.

To make sure you don't end up dressed in a black plastic suit with a wrinkled old guy in a bath robe with a massive smoker's cough as your only friend, let's look at some stuff you definitely shouldn't do if you want to avoid the dark side.

The No Bro List

·       Bros don't tell other bros stories for them. They earned that story by living it. Let them have the glory of telling it.

·       Bros don't diss other bros mothers; ever.

·       Bros don't let bros rock mullets.

·       Even if it has been a long dry spell, bros don't let bros hit anything under a 5.

·       Bros don't let bros have sex with jailbait.

·       Lecturing is what moms and professors do, not bros.

·       Bros don't let bros wear jean shorts.

·       Bros don't get matching tattoos.

·       You can always ask, but bros don't mooch off other bros.

·       Bros don't let bros take shots alone.

·       Bros don't bail on bros unless sex is a 75% certainty or she is a solid 9.

·       Bros don't sell out other bros.

·       Just about anything naked.

·       Bros don't share a bucket of popcorn at the movies.

·       Bros don't show up other bros unless it is in front of only bros and then it is, "In your face!"

·       Bros don't sleep with other bros sisters.

·       Unless you bought it, bros don't take the last beer from the cooler/fridge.

·       Bros don't let bros get drunk over a girl by themselves.

·       Bros don't tase each other unless the video camera is rolling.

·       Bros never sleep with another bros ex-girlfriend unless said bro has given his full consent while sober.


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