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The Top 10 Best Beers in the World

It used to be tough to sample a fine spread of beers. No offense to the early pioneers such as Miller, Coors, and Budweiser; but they were all really a one trick pony. They made a beer and really that was it. Now we are blessed with tons of independent breweries producing a lively array of beers to tease your taste buds and of course get you nicely buzzed. On top of that we still have a bevy of European imports as well. Ah choices!

But with so many options in the world how can we rate them all? Really that is an impossible challenge that 4 of us from the ManWall office undertook this last weekend. While technically we are saying, "In the World," we really mean, "available in BevMo and Whole Foods".

But still, we had a fairly impressive array to start the day! All told we sampled over 60 beers.

So we drunk beers most of the day, took a break, and then drank into the night. At the end of the weekend the votes were tallied (we had to count a few times because oddly drunk counting is not as easy as it should be). Instead of going for a clear cut winner, it ended up being the Top 10 because there are so many darn good beers!

ManWall's Top 10 Beers

1. Pliny the Eldar - If you like an IPA then this beer from the Russian River Brewery takes the cake. Up in Northern California you can sample this great brew at their brewery and it was just as good in the bottle as from the tap.

2. Helles Schlenkerla Lagerbrier - Yeah say that 3 times fast. This is a nice light lager that those German kids have been brewing since around 1405. All those years in production mean they have it down and if you like a nice light, smokey taste to your lager then look no further.

3. Rochefort 10 - If you never have, you must try this Belgium beer. It is a bit pricey at $10 for a bottle, but wow what a kick! Great flavor and a whopping 11.3 ABV rating made this a luxury beer that can easily get you snookered.

4. Supplication - Another Russian River brew makes the list. Seriously if you are near San Francisco make the trek because they have a ton of great beers. Like this fruity beer that makes you think of cherries and goes down smooth, not tart.

5. Saison Dupont - We called this our 'after dinner beer' because it just seemed appropriate. This is another Belgium brew, but the busty blonde pours a big head in the glass and great taste and nice kick with a 6.5 ABV.

6. Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout - Apparently in England you should be able to chew your beer. This beer is dark, thick, and creamy and really has a smooth bit of oat taste. This beer doesn't overpower as much as it goes nice and easy.

7. Hitchino Nest Beer XH - This is a damn fine Japanese beer! It's a brown ale in more of a classic Belgium style. I don't know what they use but it had hints of cinnamon and wood when you taste it. Forget the sake, this is what I want with my sushi!

8. Ninkasi Total Domination IPA - Another west coast beer, this time from Oregon, hits the ranks. This is a feisty IPA with a bit of citrus flavor that surprised all of us. But it is now in the rotation. Plus, what a great name.

9. Dieu du Ciel Peche Mortel - Canada makes the list but not with that weak Molston stuff. No they went crazy with this dark, very powerful beer that has a slight chocolate and espresso flavor to it. Seriously this stout stand tall with a nice 9.5 ABV and will probably be a hit with girls who like a dark beer. The name is French for Mortal Sin...nice!

10. Kellerweis - This is a Sierra Nevada brew that is a really nice for an American styled hefe beer. It was light and went down smooth. Plus price-wise it was a real bargain.

If you haven't tried any of these brews then do yourself a favor and pick a couple up the next time your are out and about; it is well worth it.