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The Top 5 Things Guys Do Wrong in Bed

Many guys, especially young guys, learned most of what they know about sex from media and porn. Porn is a great educational tool but it's not really the best example of how to please a woman. Most of the stuff is just sex etiquette though some women may have their own, unique list of complaints. Most women have a few things that drive almost all of them crazy - here's five of them.

1. Asking Too Many Questions

"Is that good for you?" No, you keep bothering me with nonsense questions.


You have to be in control, you have to be confident, and you have to have take whatever signs of pleasure or displeasure she gives you at face value. This isn't football where you can huddle and change strategy mid-game, save the discussion of what she likes and doesn't like for non-sex times. Don't be overly concerned about orgasms, both yours and hers, or you'll make sex seem like work.

2. Diving Right Into Sex

It doesn't take much to get a guy in the mood, a slight tap on the shoulder can pretty much do it. Women are all about the full sexual experience, not just racing towards an orgasm. That means before you try to have sex, you have to get her in the mood, turn her on with some (or a lot of) foreplay, and make her want sex. In other words, don't try to bang before she's ready to bang.

3. Breaking Rhythm Too Early

This is a constant complaint of women. When you are having sex or pleasuring her and see that she is really enjoying herself, YOU DON'T STOP! Whatever miraculous thing your doing, your precision and rhythm are getting it done. Don't stop and try something else. If you're getting tired, suck it up a little while longer. Breaking the rhythm means she's going to have to start all over again.

4. Not Reciprocating

Come on, fellas. If the gal is nice enough to use your penis like a tounge scraper, you can at least make a pit stop down there for a few minutes. A lot of women complain that guys are selfish in bed and it's hard to disagree - we break the rules of basic sex etiquette all the time because our goal is to orgasm and be done with it. Here are a few other basic sex etiquette rules it's time to start following:

5. Basic Sex Etiquette

Don't Finish in Her Mouth Unless She Say's It's OK. This one can cause a bit of a confusion the first time she goes down on you and if you don't lay out parameters for where it's okay to finish beforehand, you can end up with a load on the front of your shirt.


Don't Recreate Porn Scenes. Don't confuse what women are willing to do for money with what they actually want to do in bed. Porn is not real life.


Don't Get Rough Unless It's Cool. Again, talking about what you're both into before hand is really the way to go. No girl appreciates a hard smack on the ass that she didn't sign up for.


Let Her Finish! Think about baseball, make a to-do list for tomorrow, whatever you do just wait for her to finish before you do.