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The Top 5 Relationship Warning Signs

Let's be honest, most relationships have an expiration date. Even the relationships that start out best or seem strongest can eventually wilt without the necessary upkeep. It's the reason musicians always follow their hit romantic album with a much better break up album. At the same time, we don't always get out of bad or deteriorating relationships as early as we should because we are complacent, used to it, or afraid of being single. Let's get honest about what we really have with these five red flags that your relationship made the wrong turn and is heading for the cliff.

1. Distance

Are you drifting apart? Is she less forthcoming or spending a lot more time with other people? Do you feel there's something different about the way you communicate? Perhaps it's boredom, perhaps it's someone else, or maybe she is just looking for something you aren't giving her. Either way, the more you let yourselves grow apart, the less likely you will be able to fix it.

2. Small Lies

Found out she lied about something seemingly innocent? Especially if she had no reason too? A lie that you have discovered only makes you think of other lies that you haven't. Honesty is important but trust is crucial. Relationships last when both people are comfortable and you can't be comfortable if there's paranoia instead of trust.

3. Trouble in Bed

If there is trouble physically, it'll come out through sex. If there is trouble emotionally, it will come out through sex. If she isn't into it, if things feel differently than before, if you're having sex less often – there may be something up. Usually these are the easiest things to fix by simply talking but very often it can be a sign of a larger problem.

4. Not Getting Enough of The Other – Or Too Much

it is important to balance out your romantic relationship with other relationships. Spend time apart and with friends instead. Spending too much time together can make you both go crazy and start seeing the other in a different light.

At the same time, not spending enough time together can lead to you or her having to seek out someone else that has the time to spare. It's important to find that balance.

5. Insecurity

Is she always criticizing you or vice versa? Is one of you always seemingly walking on egg shells because they don't want to elicit a reaction? It's important that you two act as a team, not always working against each other out of spite, resentment, or passive aggressiveness. If you are always at odds, though, that should tell you something.