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The Top 5 Guy Accessories

Girls don't spend as much time shopping for clothes as they do shopping for accessories. That is because women realized a long time ago that it is one of the first things people notice. If your goal is to attract the opposite sex, you need to put some thought into how they will see you. You might be a great guy with a great personality but no one can see that. We can see your hair, your clothes, your shoes. That's it. Unless, of course, you add a few of these Man-cessories to the equation.


Belt: Most guys wear a belt (hopefully not suspenders!) so let's start with that. What does your belt and belt buckle say about you? Are you a straight laced black belt and silver belt buckle type of guy or a hip oversized cowboy belt buckle sort of dude? What do you think when you see your belt? Odds are, that's what everyone else is thinking too.


Watch: Many of us have gotten rid of the watch since we all have cell phones but it makes an excellent accessory item. Are you a fancy expensive watch guy who looks like a million bucks or are you wearing an old plastic Casio watch with a built-in calculator? Expert poker players will often tell you that the first thing they look at is an opponents watch because it says everything you need to know about who they are and their personality.


Hat: The hat is a unique accessory because there is a lot of ways to go about this one. There's tons of different types of hats and designs for all situations. From caps to Kangos to fedoras, what does or what would your hat say about you? Remember, the goal of “accessorizing” is to help you control how other people see you. That means you should probably skip the pom-pom at the top. You know, unless that's your “thing.”


Sunglasses: Let's be honest, sunglasses look cool. You don't need to invest in a $250 pair of Ray Bans to look cool either. You just need to spend some time trying on different types of sunglasses and see what works for you. You don't want them to look too big or too small on your face but other than that, you just have to try a bunch and see which ones work for you.


Bag: We are all lugging around our laptops or whatever so why not make the stuff you already own stretch as much as possible? What does your bag or backpack say about you? Do you look like a professional headed to a meeting? A hip messenger bag guy headed to some ultra-indie concert in a basement somewhere? Or do you just look like a high school kid with an oversized backpack? People notice, and so should you.