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The Top 5 Female Pleasure Spots

For most men, there is not a whole lot that goes into getting them off. We are a simple creature with simple needs. Women, on the other hand, are as complicated physically as they are mentally and emotionally. And for some reason, they want to enjoy sex just like you do. While guys are usually content with anything a girl wants to do to their penis, women have spots we have to hit with exact precision and with just the right rhythm. So let's take a look a the top five places to land if you want to please your girl and earn that sandwich you're going to ask her to make when you're done.


Note- Some women can't orgasm at all, which is really sad when you think about it as a guy. This is rarely physical and usually because they don't know how (yeah.) or because they've never been with anyone who knows what they're doing.

1. Clitoris

Since it is no longer the 1960s, most men who have ever watched a single porn scene should know where the clitoris is. It's a little button covered by a little flap at the top of the vaginal opening. Aren't sex terms sexy?


Anyway, you're going to want to give that some rubbing, licking, etc. Above the hood, under the hood, it's all good - just be gentle if you're going under the hood or she'll get overstimulated and hit her head on your headboard. Great for turning them on, great for making them orgasm, and builds those all-important tongue muscles.

2. G-Spot

Yes, it does exist and no, it's not hard to find. At the same time, some women may not get a great deal of pleasure from the G-Spot like others. Usually, if you do it right, you'll be a-ok.


If you were using your fingers, you can feel a rough patch of skin at the top of the vaginal canal (another sexy term) about two inches in. If you were digitally stimulating her, you would basically move your fingers in the same way as you would if you were calling someone over. You can also hit this spot during sex but positioning is crucial - from behind at a slightly downward angle works best.

3. A-Spot

The G-Spot isn't the only wondrous and often unexplored mystery of the vagina. The A-Spot is located all the way at the end in the inner-most part of the vaginal canal, just above the cervix. You can hit it digitally (with your fingers, not with an iPhone) or during sex.

4. Nipples

This one's a no-brainer. Guys love nipples, girls have them, it's a match made in heaven. Most guys will give plenty of focus to the nipples, just remember not to get too rough. Stimulating the nipples alone, though, will not make a girl orgasm but it certainly helps if you give them attention while you're also licking, fingering, or penetrating the vagina.

5. Brain

No, that doesn't mean try to poke her brain next time she's going down on you. Most guys could orgasm in any place, at any time, regardless of circumstances. Girls need things to be just right. That means she has to feel comfortable, sexy, free, not self-conscious, and of course, turned on. Every girl has her own personality so the specifics vary from girl to girl but it usually doesn't hurt to talk during sex. Not necessarily dirty talk, although that's fine, but just talk to her to make her feel all of those above mentioned things.


Go home, try this out tonight. Once you've exceeded all her expectations, go ahead and tell your friends about Manwall. We will try to avoid using terms like "vaginal canal" and "cervix" in the future.