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The Top 5 Dating Lessons From Comedians

How many times have you heard "Men are from Mars, women are from hell. Am I right, folks?" Stand up comedy is well known for beating the dating topic to death but that doesn't mean every bit on dating is hacky. Or at least isn't being done by a hack. From

Chris Rock on Love and Relationships

No one does comedy better than Chris Rock, and no one breaks down what it really means to be in love and the need to have the same focus as her: her.

Louis CK on the Games Girls Play

There's nothing worse than not being able to get laid, especially when you apparently could.

Bill Burr: Single vs. Married

Bill Burr talks about the tough transition from single to being in a relationship and the only defense for the female autobots.

Patrice O'Neal: Like vs. Love

Patrice breaks down the difference between being in "love" and being "in like" and why it's important that she love you but you only like her.

Jim Norton: How to Properly Woo a Lady

The great Jim Norton takes you through all the motions in this classic Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn skit.