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The Top 5 Alternative Dating Sites

We have all heard of couples that first met on OKCupid,, and EHarmony. Odds are, many of us have tried it and likely failed. Still, with millions of women looking for guys on these sites, it's just illogical to give up on online dating. Maybe the mainstream sites aren't for you, let's take a look at some alternative dating sites where you might find more luck.


Ashley Madison: It made big news when it first popped on the scene with their catchy slogan: “Have an affair.” The site has been growing massively ever since, billing itself as a place for married people and those in relationships to have discreet affairs. You don't need to be married or be in a relationship to join, you can simply be the guy that these girls cheat with – though you might have to try a little harder since the whole point is “if we're both married, no one is going to tell.” If you have no qualms over how it works, head on over to and have a look. Rather than charge for monthly memberships, the site offers credits starting at 100 for $55.


Zoosk: It's a HUGE dating site and a major competitor of It's a very basic site and app where your profile is little else than your photo, age, and location. A membership costs $30 per month (discounted if you buy multiple months) but you can also buy Zoosk coins to do things like boost your profile to the top of the results or send “gifts” to other members. The site is more like a social networking site than a compatibility site, however, which means you may have to go through many profiles before someone is actually interests.


Chemistry: Chemistry is owned by but many claim it's the better service. Much like EHarmony, the site focuses on scientific “love data” to find highly compatible matches. Just as with EHarmony, you have to fill out an extensive personality test but many do believe this significantly increases your chances of meeting someone you actually like. It can get pricy, however. A single month subscription is $50 but a six-month subscription goes for $27 per month.


Lava Life: LavaLife has been around forever but they have become an interesting player in the dating game. Unlike other sites, they allow you to make three different profiles for each of their three different sections – Dating, Relationship, and Intimate Encounter (that means sex, in case you're wondering). The free membership gets you just the barebones capabilities while a premium membership goes for $19-$35 per month depending on length.


Spark Networks: Want to meet people who share your beliefs or race? Spark Networks has a ton of specialty dating sites including: (a Christian dating site),,,,,, (a speed dating event site), (a Jewish dating site), (a Mormon dating site), and (a seniors dating site). These all range in the $20-$40 per month subscription rate department.