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The Top 20 Twitter Feeds to Follow

With the millions upon millions of users, it is getting pretty damn busy in the Twitter world. With all of those random thoughts flying around it can get damn confusing to decide who you should even bother listening to! Fear not good friends; Manwall is here to help you out.

We looked at all the top feeds and compiled a list to decide who is cool, interesting, and a must follow versus those who are just 'tweak' (thank you Jon Stewart). The rating is based on content, humor, how often they tweet, and hotness (cause some people tweet nice pics). If you think we are missing something make sure to tweet us about it or tell us in the comments.

Not In Any Particular Order (we like them all):

1.     Paulina Gretzky - (@PaulinaGretzky) The luscious daughter of 'The Great One' is fantastic to follow, when she has her account up. Known for posting some wonderful pictures of herself very regularly, she is also known for shutting down (or her dad does it) her account for brief periods.

2.     The Bachelor Guy - (@Thebachelorguy) Advice, tips, warnings, and more from this lifeline to single men.

3.     Aziz Ansari - (@azizansari) The comedian and actor is an active user who gets pretty damn funny for 140 characters.

4.     Jay Bilas - (@JayBilas) He is the man for College Hoops! Jay is funny, insightful, and tweets a lot without much of a filter.

5.     Mark Cuban - (@mcuban) I don't always follow billionaires, but when I do - I follow Mark Cuban. The fact that he will tweet anything is very refreshing.

6.     Kevin Durant - (@KDTrey5) Kevin is one ball player who will talk with his fans via Twitter and is a great all around guy.

7.     Daniel Tosh - (@danieltosh) Known for live tweets during his show, Tosh keeps fans having fun and will interact.

8.     Chad Ochocinco - (@ochocinco) Well everyone knows about him already, but he does use Twitter a lot and sometimes has some funny stuff. Honestly he tweets more than the NY Times and their actual news stories.

9.     Tim Siedell - (@badbana) You have probably never heard of him, but he is funny as hell.

10. Joe Rogan - (@joerogan) A lot of people don't know that Joe used to be a stand-up comic before his UFC announcing days. His feed is funny and gives you tons of MMA info.

11. Adam Schefter - (@AdamSchefter) Because of his feed I can make last minute changes to my Fantasy Team and kick ass each week!

12. Charlie Sheen - (@charliesheen) His feed is like a box of chocolates - you never know what the hell you are going to get.

13. Fitness Jedi - (@FitnessJedi) Need a new workout or just some tips and ideas? It's not a Jedi mind trick.

14. Jimmy Fallon - (@jimmyfallon) The late night host and comedian keeps in touch with his tweets and has funny stuff to report on.

15. Sexy Women - (@Sexy_Women) Uh duh, hot pics of women (no porn)

16. The Onion - (@TheOnion) All the fake news you need - when you need it!

17. Kevin Hart - (@KevinHart4Real) Another comedian who tweets his ass off and is funny as hell.

18. Dwight Howard - (DwightHoward) He tweets as much as he rebounds and covers the NBA, life, and good times.

19. Jayla Starr - (@JaylaStarr) Pornstars need Twitter followers too! Some stuff is NSFW.

20. Mike Birbiglia - (@birbigs) Another great stand-up guy using Twitter to test jokes. Love it.