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The Top 20 SI Swimsuit Models of All Time

The task seemed monumental when our boss threw it at us. How could we possibly rank the top 20 SI swimsuit models of all time? These are all insanely hot girls. They are shot in exotic locations wearing as little as paint for god's sake! And yet here we are trying to do the impossible. Why?

We could say it is because of you, our loyal Manwall readers. But, we won't lie to you. Friday is payday and the boss said if this shit ain't done then we won't see our checks until it is. However we do have some respect and did take the time to do proper research instead of just tossing some haphazard rankings together. This collection of hot girls was first published in 1964 but since Tommy only has every issue back to 1972 (he is a collector) our search will only go back that far.

Sadly some of the older issues have pages stuck together so we might not see every image. Plus the general model hotness has seemed to increase over the years so please excuse us if our tastes tend to head towards the more current models.

Drum roll please.......

20. Elle Macpherson - She made 6 SI covers for good reason, that woman is hot.

19. Cindy Crawford - No explanation needed.

18. Chandra North - An integral part of our SI love in the 1990's she still remains a favorite.

17. Beyonce - A onetime shot for the pop star in 2007 gave her the cover and a hit in our top 20

16. Rachel Hunter - The Aussie beauty made 1989 a fantastic year.

15. Stephanie Seymour - Oh my god she has an amazing figure.

14. Kathy Ireland - She did the SI Swimsuit issue 12 times and those eyes are still amazing.

13. Ana Beatriz Barros - She appeared over 7 years from 2002 to 2008 and does the wet look like no other woman.

12. Molly Sims - When she was doing SI shoots from 2000 to 2006 there was not many that looked better. Besides that long, lean body she had that perfect half smile.

11. Christie Brinkley - This was a tough one. She was holding it down in the 1970's and 1980's. While it is hard to compare her physical tools to current models, she just had that look.

10. Veronika Varekova - She graced the cover (and my wall) in 2004 and has an incredible 'come hither' look.

9. Heidi Klum - She had the sexy waif look down pat for her SI shoots.

8. Paulina Porizkova - Along with the SI cover in 1984 she also was hot as hell in My Alibi.

7. Tyra Banks - If you can ignore the current crazy that surrounds her and simply focus on the magnificent sexy photos of those SI shoots it is hard not to enjoy every aspect of her perfect body.

6. Rebecca Romjin - Before she was Mystique and doing other acting roles Rebecca was doing some seriously hot photos for the people at SI.

5. Niki Taylor - The cover girl from the 1998 issue still remains one of our all time favorites.

4. Bar Rafaeli - She took the cover in 2009 and still haunts Tommy's dreams.

3. Marisa Miller - Yes sir, can I please have another? This woman is amazing having been a regular since 2002 and looking amazing every damn year!

2. Kate Upton - She has curves and that smile is just cute as hell.

1. Brooklyn Decker - Yeah she is nice.....sorry lost my train of thought.