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The Top 10 Ways to Make Yourself a More Attractive Guy

Men have a basic sliding scale for a woman's look but when it comes to women, it doesn't matter what you actually look like, it's how you present yourself. In other words, you don't need to look good to look good. It doesn't take a lot of effort at all. Here are the top 10 things any guy can do to instantly make himself more attractive to women.


Wardrobe Upgrade: You don't need to look like a GQ model but there are some basics to dressing well. No baggy clothes, always go with well fitting clothes – the more tailored to your body shape the better. It's fine to look like you just threw something on but in a calculated way. Stay well kempt and have a personal style that you go for. No sweatpants!


Trim: Make sure that you either shave or trim your facial hair. If you have an abundance of body hair you may want to get that under control as well. Being well groomed goes a long way.


Exercise: No matter what they look like otherwise, guys with flatter stomachs, bigger arms, and more defined muscles are attractive to women just as any girl with big boobs is attractive to men.


Live an Interesting Lifestyle: How can you be interesting to someone else if you bore yourself? Do the things you already want to do and have the experiences you already want to have and you will instantly become a more satisfied and a more interesting person. Women are attracted to guys who do things, anything, not the guys who spend all night playing Mass Effect.


Learn What Makes People Laugh: Humor is always ranked by women as a key feature that they look for and it's one that isn't hard to pull off. It's easy to make people laugh in one-on-one and small group situations. Start with stuff that you have said that has made other people laugh, then things others have said that made you laugh, then things you have heard or saw that made you laugh, etc.


Hair Do's and Don'ts: Your hair defines your personal style so you should just remember next time you're at a barber or in front of a mirror that this is one of the first things people will see and judge about you. Bald guys, if you're still going for the too-thin-but-holding-on-to-what-you-have look on top or worse, the horseshoe, just stop. Either shave it all off and go for the Stone Cold Steve Austin or consider the various hair re-growth or transplant options available.


Accessorize: No, you don't need to pick a pair of earrings that matches your purse but consider what your watch, belt, and any other accessories say about you. Make sure that people see you the way that you want to be seen, accessorizing with things like a watch, a cool belt, a bracelet, or a hat is a great way to help you do that.


Moisturize: Guys will usually beat the crap out of their body with booze, physical activity, lousy diet, coffee, etc. That all shows up on your face. You don't want the dry skin, bags under your eyes, or outbreaks that goes along with it, just throw some moisturizer on your face and that will go a long way.


Be Independent: Get rid of your need to have a girl mommy you and do things for you or make you feel a certain way. Cook your own food, do your own laundry, and find a way to make yourself feel better when the other kids were mean to you at work. Once you don't look for those things in women, you will be able to meet women who you want to be with, not just look for any woman to fill that role in your life.


Body Language: Be aware of how you are standing. Are you standing upright or slouching? Someone who is standing with their head up and chest out portrays confidence while a sloucher portrays shyness or lack of confidence.

Do you seem closed off? Someone who is smiling and has their hands out is open and approachable while someone who is frowning or has their arms crossed seems closed off and unapproachable.