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The Top 10 Manliest Guy Movies Of All Time

With all the crap that comes out in theaters, it's easy to forget that there was a time when Hollywood was making great films. Great films with great actors and great stories with great morals we can take away from the movie like what it means to be a man or proper tipping etiquette. Forget Hunger Games and the umpteenth comic book remake of the year and hit up Netflix for one of these all-time guy classics instead.


10. The Godfather: Yeah, yeah, the cliche "you have to see that movie" pick. Well, it's a cliche because it's a killer movie. Now you can act like a man! What's the matter with you?! If you have somehow missed watching The Godfather, make sure to be the last to check out this epic trilogy (at least the first two parts) about a man just home from the military rising to the most feared man in the mob while dealing with family, relationships, and assassination attempts.


9. Old School: No matter how old you are, you can always go back to your Frank The Tank days. There's much to be learned from Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, and Luke Wilson, and not just that tying a cinder block to your penis is a bad idea. For one, when life throws you lemons, you just need to round up your buddies, a keg, and a kiddie pool for the naked girl oil wrestling and you're back in business.


8. Office Space: The ultimate office comedy that most people still haven't seen. Travesty. Forget The Office, Office Space was the first to capture the true office experience and the omnipresent need to get back at your job and boss. Not to mention that it takes you back to a time when Jennifer Aniston was still really hot.


7. Ferris Bueller's Day Off: Ditch school and live your life, a great message to send to guys of all ages. Despite the teen-movie vibe, this John Hughes classic is as good a guy movie as any other on this list. It's also a movie with a very simply put moral, Life moves pretty fast; if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it! Also, try not to let shady parking attendants drive your dad's Ferrari.


6. Cool Hand Luke: No one could eat 100 eggs! This Paul Newman classic proves that a real man could, but still probably shouldn't. Luke is a guy who doesn't like rules, structure, or hierarchies. Even in prison. Luke never gives up his stubborn headstrongness, for better or worse.


5. Rocky: No, not the one where a video game inspires a seemingly 70-year-old Rocky to come out of retirement. The one where a down-on-his luck debt collector for a loan shark works his way up from the fight clubs to a shot at the championship, and the girl. If the Eye of the Tiger doesn't get your engines going, you may as well just hand in your man card.


4. Goodfellas: Arguably the greatest mob movie of all time, Goodfellas is about more than just becoming a gangster. Henry Hill's story is about friends, family, relationships, all that good stuff. More so, however, it's about how a man acts and how a man should act. It's also about making your own choices in life, even if they're not the best ones.


3. Pulp Fiction: This Quentin Tarantino classic is the essential "Broflick." From tipping etiquette to proper oral sex technique to what to do when your chick OD's, it is definitely the most quotable movie of all time as well. Watch the movie and see if you can't recite Ezekiel 25:17 from memory.


2. The Big Lebowski: The Dude is the single, coolest character in movies. Period. Another ultra-quotable movie from the Coen Brothers, The Big Lebowski is all about a guy who just wants to bowl and pound White Russians (the drink, that is). When, in true Coen Brothers fashion, he is caught up in a kidnapping plot, The Dude and angry John Goodman at his best have get out of the jam so they can just go bowling.


1. Fight Club: Ed Norton and Brad Pitt at their best. What is being a man? Hell, what is consciousness? Who is Tyler Durden? Fight Club is all about self discovery, which sometimes isn't as pretty as we would like it to be. Let's face it, you job as an insurance analyst is going to make you want to punch something, why deny yourself?