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The Top 10 Habits To Get You More Girls


The old days of marching in a band of friends to pick up chicks at the bar or club are likely over but that doesn't mean we have to take our eye off the prize – boobs. Lots of them. Picking up girls at the bar is nice and all, but how often does that really happen? And when it does, how often do you not regret it the next morning when the beer goggles wear off? Forget the tired routines of your grandfather and start developing these 10 habits that are guaranteed to get you more girls.

1. Be Conversational.

This isn't to say that you should walk over to a girl and drop a pickup line. Just start talking. Guys are always caught like deer in headlights when they see a hot girl in their every day life and have to come up with something to say. Stop trying so hard. Start a conversation and develop some comfort first (for both of you) rather than immediately trying to set up a date or get her number/email/Facebook/etc.

2. Groom, Well.
Girls love a well-groomed guy (that means taming that hair, facial hair, unruly eyebrows, etc.) and it's very easy to be well-kempt with a simple trimmer or razor and regular barber visits. This little thing that you should be doing anyway will go a long way toward making you a more attractive guy.


3. Dress Well.
You don't need to be a GQ model but put some thought into what you're wearing. This is the first thing people will notice about you so make sure they are getting the right impression. Make sure to check out our Top 10 Habits of Guys With Good Style article for more.

4. Get Out of The House.

You see any girls in your house? No? That means it's you cue to close the laptop, drop the XBox controller, turn off the Netflix, and get out of the house. Zero relationships have been started by spending time alone at home. More importantly, there is nothing girls find more attractive than a guy who already has a life.

5. Get an Online Dating Profile.

The online dating world is full of pros and cons but the sheer number of available girls on these sites make it well worth it to invest in a solid dating profile. Using the website or app will give you access to way more girls in your area than you would ever be able to meet in real life. Just remember, get out of the house – this means generate interest, set up a real life date. You aren't looking for a pen pal.

6. Make More Friends.
From a completely statistical view, most relationships begin through friend or family introductions – this means you should invest just as much time at meeting all sorts of new people and not just girls. Friend or family introductions give you an instant leg up since someone is already vouching for you and doing the work of introducing you. Best of all, unless you're an asshole, most friends will jump at the idea of setting you up with another friend.

7. Go to Parties.

Same as with friend introductions, meeting someone at a party of someone you both know is instant credibility. You're not just some stranger approaching them, you are both at a party of a friend or acquaintance and odds are you are both looking to mingle. A friend's party is a way better place to meet girls than scouting strangers at a bar.

8. Prepare Some Crib Notes.
If you do often find yourself stuck on what to say to the girl you like, prepare some basic crib notes. We often see comedians, salesmen, or improv guys saying just the right thing, seemingly off the top of their heads. The truth is, they have used that same line over and over and have realized that it works and have perfected it. There is nothing wrong with having a few stock lines or topics to get things going.

9. Think Positively.

As the old saying goes, whether you think you can get laid or you think you can't, you're right. Sometimes we will look at a girl and think “I'll never get her.” or “She's out of my league.” or “She probably has a boyfriend.” Well, stop. All you are doing is rejecting yourself for fear that she will reject you. What's the point if you're ending up rejected right off the bat without even making an effort? Just think positively about yourself and play the numbers game. Worst case scenario, she isn't interested. Her loss.

10. Participate in New Activities.

Sometimes we just get stuck in our habits and need to do new things and meet new people. Go sign up for a class you have wanted to take or a group that you want to be part of. Consider checking out to see all types of meet-up groups in your area – everything from poker nights to skydiving. The more people (not girls, people) you meet, the more likely you are of meeting a girl you like doing new stuff or through people that you have met doing new stuff.