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The Top 10 Habits of Guys With Good Style

You don't need to look like the guys from GQ or Mad Men to look good. The price of your clothes and the brand don't define style, it's all about making sure you clothes are who you are and make you look as good as possible. This is much simpler than it sounds, even for those of us on a tight budget – here are the top 10 habits you should get into if you want to look your best and not break the bank doing it:

1. Invest in Wardrobe Staples

Everything you own does not need to be high fashion and pricy brand labels but it is important to invest in a few key pieces. Every guy needs one nice suit, preferably tailored to fit perfectly. Every guy needs that one pair of pants or jeans that you can break out for date nights or events. Every guy needs a few nice button down shirts. Every guy needs a nice coat or jacket. Every guy needs one nice pair of shoes and one pair of comfortable sneakers.

2. Visit Your Barber Every Month

Being a well groomed and maintained guy is crucial. Make sure to pick a reliable barber that does what you need him to and make sure to pay him a visit every month to keep it tight.

3. Trim!

Didn't we just mention being a well groomed and kempt guy is important? You don't need to be clean shaven but it is important to keep the facial hair tight and well maintained and not looking like you're Zach Galifiankis.

4. Store Clothes Well

You don't want to wear shirts with drawer wrinkles. You don't want to hang your sweaters on hangers and then have shoulder nipples. Make sure your clothes are well stored and aren't being wrinkled or ruined while you're not wearing them. Watch out for moths too.

5. Buy More Than One Pair of the Good Stuff

If you find a pair of pants, a shirt, or a sweater that looks great on you, don't simply hope you will find another one that will be just as good in the future. Buy multiple pairs or shirts if you find something that really looks great on you.

6. Invest in a Tailor

Most of us don't fit perfectly into our pants, shirts, and suits. That extra room, that tight fit, or that bagginess can ruin the whole look so it is important to get the important wardrobe staples fitted to your body as well as possible. The prices on tailors range from the modest to the extravagant but it is an important investment.

7. Pick Your Clothes Beforehand

Don't pick your clothes out in a rush. Just like your mom used to say, pick your clothes the night before and you will never have to deal with the morning dress up rush.

8. Avoid Trends and Fads

You don't want to look like one of those people we all make fun of and you don't want to invest in clothes that you won't want to wear in a year. Since we are not women, we do not need to get the latest or hottest trend to make us feel good about your wardrobe, just stick to what you like.

9. Have Your Signature Scent
Unlike underwear or clothes, you don't need to change your scent every day. Pick your signature scent that makes all the girls do a double take and stick with it. Personal recommendation: Acqua di Gio.

10. Accessorize

A few accessories on your clothes or body can go a long way. Consider what a watch, a bracelet, a belt, a hat, or a bag says about you. The goal is to have your wardrobe match who you are inside