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The Rules for Facebook Flirting

Everyone has an opinion about Facebook. It varies from people who don't use it to those who have the Facebook app on their phone shoved halfway up their ass so they can send updates every time they fart. We shall assume that if you are reading this then you are not one of the ass-sending up loaders and more of a normal person who uses Facebook frequently for important things like getting Manwall updates and flirting with women.

Let's face it; giant social networks are full of women along with guys who are trying to get their attention. It is just like any other aspect of social life. Hey look a pretty girl; I had better do something so she notices me!

But just like in the real world, you want to get noticed the right way and not the wrong way. Shall we get started?

Facebook 101

Let's look at general rules of conduct on Facebook so you don't look like a douche:

·       If you wouldn't say it in person then don't type it.

·       Never post mean or hurtful stuff.

·       Never instantly respond to people's messages, responses, posts, etc. (act like you have a life).

Facebook Flirting

·       Check your friends' friends out. See if they have any single ladies that look appealing and then ask for an introduction. Hopefully it can lead to a little chatting and perhaps a date.

·       Check out local social groups to join. Then you have access to more profiles. Always introduce yourself with a very short and genuine message. Sweet or funny is the best way to go.

·       Only send a friend request to a girl you have actually met in person.

·       Feel free to poke people to let them know you are interested. It is a lot cheaper than buying drinks.

·       Try and chat up girls you are interested in. Don't stalk them, but just send a simple, "How are you doing?" message if you see that they are on. Obviously if they keep the conversation going then you have the green light.

·       Be positive, funny, and sweet.

·       Take the next step and make contact. Maybe see if she is going to any events and the future and RSVP for it as well. You can then either ask if she would like to go with you or just try and run into her.

Facebook Don'ts

·       When you make a new female friend don't instantly post a creepy note on their wall.

·       Don't comment and like everything a girl you are interested in posts. It is very obvious and very pathetic. The occasional comment that is thoughtful or funny goes much further and looks less desperate.

·       Don't stalk people by seeing where they check in at and then go there or see what they are listening to on Spotify or iHeart Radio to find out if they are home. That is just creepy.

Remember, Facebook is a great tool, awesome time waster, and a huge trap that can get you in trouble if you use it irresponsibly. Make sure to think really carefully about what you are doing; not only what she will think of it, but what you would think of it if some dude was doing the same thing to your sister. It isn't always what you do, but sometimes what you don't do that can lead from a simple chat to a nice date with someone you poked.