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The Minka Kelly Sex Tape

We recently got the greatest news of the year; Minka Kelly has a sex tape!!! Yes, the super sexy Minka Kelly has a sex tape that will be sold to the highest bidder as soon as possible. At least we hope it’s sometime soon because I know I can’t afford this type of masterpiece. There have been so many questions and rumors spread around Hollywood gossip and through TMZ that bros don’t know who and what to believe. What we do know is that we haven’t been this excited since we saw Ray J get all “Sexy Can I” on Kim Kardashian’s face a few years back. But let’s be honest – Minka is hotter, actually talented and once again hotter than Kim.


I know I’m not the only person who knows about this sex tape but people should stop trying to give her a bad rep and start appreciating something amazing here. This is a time to say Thank You to the gossip and especially Minka Kelly for making such a tape possible. Lets show her how thankful we are by breaking down the top three questions bros are asking themselves with this sex tape mystery..

Here is ManWall’s first and ‘probably’ only Bro Guide to The Minka Kelly Sex Tape!
Are the rumors true?

Thanks to TMZ rumor has it she was barely 18-years-old when she made the sex video and since she’s a lot younger in the video she may not look like the Minka we know. This can make people question if it’s really her in the first place. Maybe it’s a look alike trying to make some money? In fact, another rumor spread that the girl in the sex tape is the recent pop-star Carly Rae Jepsen (maybe that dude did more than just call her?). That’s an example of Hollywood looking for more gossip and shit. Apparently the video is 30-minutes long and was shot in New Mexico with an ex-boyfriend that isn’t Derek Jeter. This makes things more believable but yet more disappointing. It’s always better when there’s another celeb involved and Jeter’s too focused on the Yanks, which we respect! Also I am among the many Minka Kelly followers on Twitter and for someone who tweets on a regular basis, well she’s been keeping quiet for the past week – very odd. TMZ also made a call to Minka’s rep and so far they’ve heard nothing. If the sex tape rumors were false, she probably would have said something by now!


Will she perform to our expectations?

Another rumor about her sex tape is; Miss Kelly is very aware of being on camera while the video is being made. Apparently it was recorded from a tripod in the bedroom with the video camera hooked up to a TV monitor so her and her boyfriend could see all of the action being recorded. Okay this is kinky and proves that Minka knew that what she was doing was clearly good enough to be recorded and later watched. Sources also say that they were having sex to Brandy’s second album, “Never Say Never” playing in the background. She must have had some good rhythm, which can definitely make a guys imagination run wild. What do you think?


Can she beat the competition?

There’s no doubt Minka is up against some serious celebrity sex tape competition. As mentioned earlier the last sex tape scandal in Hollywood was with Kim Kardashian and Ray J. A POV camera angle and a decent performance that proved that Ray J was a lot better at making porn than making good music. It’s funny how Minka was apparently having sex listening to Brandy’s music and Brandy is Ray J’s sister. This family was made to associate themselves with celebrity porn! Miss Kelly also has to think about who she’s about to go up against - Paris Hilton, Kendra Wilkinson and Pamela Anderson...twice. Two things that puts Minka’s sex tape above the rest of the competition is: One, this will not be her claim to fame and two, unlike the other girls mentioned- we weren’t expecting this from her!