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The Huge List of Date Ideas: Part One

Dating is stressful enough without having to worry about where to take her. There's only so many places and I think we've compiled most of them here so you don't have to struggle for ideas. Obviously all of these are not for everyone, usually it'll come down to a math formula: her interests + your interests X your budget divided by distance from where you are both located.


The best thing to do is just take her somewhere you were already going to go, show her what it's like to be with you and what your interests are. Better yet, take her to a party where there is less pressure to be one-on-one. If nothing comes to mind, here are some ideas to consider:


Movies: Your basic movie date but don't knock a classic. This is a date that has withstood the test of time and cliche.


Nightclub: Are you a night owl or just like to get liquored up and do your best impression of a moonwalk? Most girls love dancing so if this is your thing then you don't need to look far for a place or places to hit up.


Bar: Just go out for a drink, especially after a long week of work or school. The less of a dive, the better.


Concert: Bands come through your city all the time but you don't even need to limit yourself to big arena and theater shows. There are plenty of live music events going on every week, no matter where you live.


Stand Up Comedy: It's pricier than a movie but it's a great way to have some fun without the pressure of just being one-on-one all night. Just be ready to be used for material if you're sitting up front.


Museum: Show off your cultured or curious side with a trip to the museum. Art not your thing? There are plenty of other museums around the country, especially big cities. From natural history museums to the planetarium to novelty museums like the wax museum or Ripley's Believe It Or Not to TV, Radio, and Movie museums, war and military museums, transportation museums, and countless others. Dating is also a great way to explore parts of your own city you haven't ever gotten around to.


Art Gallery: If art is your thing, consider a local art gallery or exhibition. Every city has plenty of galleries with both established artists or up-and-coming locals.


Restaurant: Try a new cuisine or show her your favorite place, then eat and talk the night away.


Coffee Shop: You don't always have to do something, just grab a cup of coffee (preferably not at a chain but who really cares) and just chill.


Pool: There are plenty of pool halls around and it makes for a good excuse to get close if she doesn't know how to hold a cue (or you don't). Many of these places will also have games like Ping Pong as well.


Bowling: Another fun date with a little competition. You usually don't have to look far for a bowling alley.


Mini-Golf: The prototypical date you see in the movies and another one that makes for a great excuse to get close. If mini-golf isn't your thing, try real golf or a driving range.


Go Karts: I've never met anyone who didn't love Go Karts, have you?


Park: Sometimes it's fun to just spend an afternoon in the park. You can go for a walk, people watch, have a picnic, play Frisbee, fly a kite, whatever.


Biking: A lot more people are biking these days, if she has a bike then why not go ride with her?


Hiking: Not all girls like to get dolled up and go out at night, some like to trudge through a hiking trail too.


Sports Event: Is she a sports fan? Let's face it, there's nothing hotter than a girl that will cheer alongside you at a game.